Evelyn Beltrán, girlfriend of Toni Costa, really wants to return to the catwalks to do what she loves

Evelyn Beltrán took a video from a catwalk out of the trunk of memories, parading an elegant dress in the middle of the light show that was active while walking and assured that he would like to return to the world of modeling.

Toni Costa’s girlfriend assured her that she had not been able to forget that experience she lived and thanked those who made it possible for her to shine that night.

How can I forget this unique experience and all the people who supported me? @mkbmayte @marioparottodesigner @tonymakeupofficial @rosalbasboutique @greglara1977 @javirdz1976 and many more people who helped me shine that night. More than ten years in the modeling world makes me want to go back to do what I love, ”said the Mexican on her Instagram account in a video with more than 2,000 likes.

The couple made of the Spanish dancer and choreographer received a message from one of the people she mentioned when posting the video. @marioparottodesigne, told her: “I still remember how you arrived, with a suitcase full but full of dreams, and we were able to shape each one of them very little, some were a piece of cake, others needed effort, others many sacrifices and the others were a matter of time, today I am very satisfied to be part of that team that you decided to form to achieve everything and more.”

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Evelyn Beltrán and Toni Costa are about to celebrate their first anniversary as a couple. The celebration has already begun and has been reviewed on various social networks. Due to this, a person stated that both should keep their relationship more private and not show it off so much on social networks. “They must withdraw from the cameras to establish a real relationship. Everything they say makes us believe everything is fine, and we know everything is fantasy on camera. Take care of your relationship and do not publish the reason for it,” they were told on Instagram.