Every New Character In “Stranger Things 4” Explained

stranger things” has always had a great cast, even when it was a relatively low-budget show in its first season. Serie follows four friends, Mike, Will, Lucas, and Dustin, all of whom have families of their own, plus Eleven and the staff of the Hawkins Laboratory, as well as the local police, led by Jim Hopper.

Season 2 introduced us to Max, Billy, Bob, Murray, and Dr. Owens, while Season 3 added Robin, Alexei, Grigori, Bruce, and Mayor Kline. Some of these characters joined the roster only to become fodder for the monsters of the Upside Down, while others stayed and became fan favorites.

Now in its fourth season, “Stranger Things” is one of Netflix’s flagship shows with a budget of $30 million per episode. Everything about “Stranger Things 4” is more epic than ever.

The production design, the running time, the action sequences, the special effects, and the host of new characters are a reflection of the Duffer brothers’ lofty ambitions, and the money and extra time they had to work with. There are almost as many new faces at Hawkins (and elsewhere) as there are familiar ones.

With such an inflated cast list, it can be hard to tell jocks from freaks, guards from smugglers, and local detectives from military personnel. Thus, AmericanPost.News presents this guide to what’s new in “Stranger Things 4”.

Eddie Munson, a rowdy and proud

Every new character in Stranger Things 4 explained.

We meet Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) in the cafeteria at Hawkins High, where he initially seems like something of a jerk. Eddie runs the Hellfire Club, an RPG group our protagonists have joined since his former Dungeon Master, Will, moved west.

Mike and Dustin are really worried about breaking the news that Lucas won’t be joining them for the culmination of Eddie’s “Dungeons & Dragons” campaign, and when they confess, he doesn’t take it well.

Eddie appears to be a rambunctious, proud loser who brags about not having graduated the year before, but this first impression is designed to throw us off balance.

Jason Tallador, the captain of the basketball team

Every new character in Stranger Things 4 explained.

Jason Carver (Mason Dye) is the exact opposite of Eddie Munson. A golden boy with perfectly coiffed blonde locks and a letter jacket, Jason is the captain of the Hawkins High basketball team. Like Eddie, we meet him as he delivers an impassioned speech to his classmates.

However, as Eddie rages against conformity, Jason rallies the student body with his conformist point of view. His pre-championship pep talk is filled with the empty rhetoric that often follows real-world tragedies. He even insists that the people who died at the end of season 3 would want them to win the basketball game.


Every new character in Stranger Things 4 explained.

Argyle (Eduardo Franco) is the only friend Jonathan has made since moving to California. He is a Surfer Boy Pizza delivery man and a smooth stoner whose product of choice is Purple Palm Tree Delight.

Argyle is a supportive best friend who actively listens to Jonathan’s concerns about Nancy and gives him sound advice, but he doesn’t seem cut out for the kind of mischief Will and Jonathan always seem to get into.


Every new character in Stranger Things 4 explained.

We should probably hate this season’s evil otherworldly monster more, but Angela (Elodie Grace Orkin) gives Vecna ​​a run for her money. In his letters to Mike, he makes it seem like things are going well since he moved to California.

But Will (and we) know better. It’s not just that He’s an unpopular wallflower. She is the target of intense bullying at her high school, and Angela is the ringleader of the bad boy circus.


Every new character in Stranger Things 4 explained.

On the surface, Chrissy (Grace Van Dien) is an idealized girl-next-door. With her bouncy ponytail, wide eyes, and white smile, she fits the role of head cheerleader and girlfriend to the captain of the basketball team.

However, when Max crosses paths with Chrissy, first leaving the school counselor’s office looking upset, then in the bathroom, we know something is wrong.

fred benson

Every new character in Stranger Things 4 explained.

Fred Benson (Logan Riley Bruner) works with Nancy at the Hawkins High School newspaper. He is struggling to fill the vacancy left by Nancy’s boyfriend and former reporting partner, Jonathan, when he moved to California. Too bad for the nerdy Fred, his flirting is more like antagonizing.

Nancy doesn’t respond well to his negative attitude (she prefers his alternate design in which the team loses the basketball game) or his judgment of Jonathan. Despite the fact that Nancy is the oldest and the best journalist of hers, he does not show her much respect. But whether or not Nancy likes him or her writing is the least of Fred’s problems.


Every new character in Stranger Things 4 explained.

Whether they love him or fear him, Jason’s teammates follow him as if he truly is their leader. When he goes after Eddie, the prime suspect in the murder of his girlfriend, they all join him, including Lucas.

Lucas’s loyalty may have been broken early on, but once he sees Jason turn violent, he stays behind to protect his friends. Another teammate, Patrick (Myles Truitt), also seems conflicted as Jason’s behavior becomes increasingly problematic. However, Patrick has other things on his mind.

Dmitri, Enzo’s real name

Every new character in Stranger Things 4 explained.

When Joyce discovers a ransom note on the Russian doll she received in the mail, she turns to Murray to help her decide her next move. The message is from someone calling himself Enzo, which turns out to be the name of the restaurant where Hopper and Joyce were supposed to go on a date.

Only she and Hopper would know, convincing Joyce that Jim might still be alive. She and Murray contact Enzo, record the conversation, determine from the background conversation that Enzo is a prison guard, and agree to a trade in Alaska: $40,000 for Hopper’s life.

Enzo’s real name is Dmitri (Tom Wlaschiha), and though he has to play the part of a sadistic guard, he crosses his fingers that his prisoner can beat the odds and break out of the prison walls.


Every new character in Stranger Things 4 explained.

Enzo instructs Joyce and Murray to fly to Alaska, where they are supposed to deliver the $40,000 to a contract pilot and peanut butter smuggler named Yuri (Nikola Djuricko). Upon meeting him, Murray proclaims that he really doesn’t care about the boy.

Maybe it’s because Yuri and Murray have a lot in common. They are both big personalities with an odd sense of humor who get into some very dangerous shenanigans.

Victor Creel and his story in Stranger Things

Every new character in Stranger Things 4 explained.

“Stranger Things 4” tells the story of the Creel family multiple times, and there are major discrepancies in each version. Nancy first learns from Eddie’s uncle, who heard about it through the once common urban legend that Victor Creel mercilessly murdered his wife and his two sons by breaking their limbs and gouging out their eyes.

When Nancy and Robin go to the local library to look at microfilm, they come across a 1959 tabloid in which Victor Creel claims that demons killed his loved ones.

Wanting to hear the truth straight from the source, Nancy and Robin disguise themselves as psychology students and request an interview with the now elderly and incarcerated Victor Creel.

Lieutenant Colonel Sullivan

Every new character in Stranger Things 4 explained.

One of the most confusing elements of “Stranger Things 4” is all the various uniformed agencies that are after Eleven. After “Jane Hopper” hits Angela with a skateboard, the local police show up at Byer’s house to arrest El.

Mike, Will, Jonathan, and Argyle try to stop them because Joyce isn’t home (they think she’s at an Encyclopedia Britannica conference), but to no avail.

Meanwhile, Lt. Col. Sullivan (Sherman Augustus) arrives at Dr. Owen’s personal residence in Nevada. He plays it cool at first, but then tells Owens the real reason for his surprise helicopter visit in the middle of the night.

Peter Ballard

Every new character in Stranger Things 4 explained.

Jamie Campbell Bower is credited for the role of Peter Ballard in “Stranger Things,” but he’s actually playing something of a quadruple role that serves as the big reveal of season four.

Eleven meets Ballard in the memories she revives thanks to Nina’s machine, where he is a humble lab assistant who occasionally stands up for her. Ballard gains her trust and promises to help her escape from her, but in reality, she just needs him to remove the device that prevents him from harnessing her powers.

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