Everyone is talking about the sexy dress that Francisca wore to Despierta América: it is short and has a neckline

Francesca Lachapel.

Photo: Wake up America / Univision

Francisca She is one of the most beautiful hosts on television and shares all her talent through the screens of Despierta América, a Univision morning show. One of the many qualities that fans of hers applaud about her is her fashion sense. Today, for example, many viewers of the show are talking about the sexy dress that she wore. The design itself is very striking, firstly because of the colors: white with blue, which reminds many of the famous Ming vases when they see it.

Leaving the style that it evokes, we can talk about the design: short and with a halter neckline. Francisca’s figure is definitely enhanced by this garment and makes her stand out from several of her peers. Satcha Pretto commented on the publication of Despierta América on Instagram and assured that her friend looks: “Divine”.

The public applauds how much Francisca has achieved based on exercise and a healthy diet. Through her social networks and her program, they have witnessed how she decided to lose weight to lose all those extra pounds that she gained during the pregnancy of her first child, Gennaro.

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