Everything we know about Danna Ponce, the actress who accuses Coco Levy, Talina Fernández’s son of abuse

Since she denounced Jorge “Coco” Levy, producer of the Videocine company and son of Talina Fernández, of touching her without her consent and sexually insinuating herself, the young actress Danna Ponce has become the focus of many conversations in the last days. We share everything we know about her below.

Ponce is a 22-year-old actress whose family is originally from Veracruz, Mexico. Currently, he lives in Mexico City, since he studied at the Eugenio Cobo Artistic Education Center of Televisa, from where he graduated at the end of 2021. Currently, he is not actively participating in any public projects.

Previously, the actress has been part of some Televisa productions, such as in the series “Como dice el dicho”, specifically in episode 93 of season 11 called “In the long run, the greyhound kills the hare”.

He has also appeared in “La Rosa de Guadalupe” and was part of the reality show “El Inframundo: overcome your fears”. Additionally, he has also been part of advertising products and music videos.

On the other hand, it has also been part of productions on the tables, on the one hand hHe has been part of a school production of “Alice in Wonderland”, in addition to “Three Russian jokes in one act”, “Much noise for nothing”, “Amor de tres” with the famous Ivonne Montero and starred in the monologue “The Wise Women”.

The situation with Coco Levy, according to Ponce, occurred during her job search in which she spoke with Videocine, a content and entertainment distributor, in February 2022. According to her account, Levy was the producer supposedly interested in her profile and quoted her twice.

The second time, she commented that Levy told her that he would have to do sexual favors for her to get a job; she reported that she was surprised, asserting that he touched her breast without consent. After a few months, the actress denounced the situation through a video on Instagram and last Tuesday He officially made the complaint to the authorities in a Public Ministry in Mexico City.

After this action by Danna Ponce, Coco Levy mounted a video on Instagram, in which she assures that this story is false. However, this did not stop the actress, as she has shared more stories of the alleged abuse by Talina Fernández’s son.

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