Everything we know about Moon Knight, the new Marvel series

He may not be as well known as Iron Man or the rest of the Avengers, but Moon Knight is the new kid in UCM. Everything we know about Moon Knight points to a fresh and exciting new superhero who could become a new fan favorite.

Could it end up being one of the best shows on Marvel? Will Moon Knight make it into a movie, and if so, where does he fit into Marvel’s movie timeline? Time will tell, but one thing is for sure; In keeping with MCU lore, Moon Knight won’t exactly follow any of the comic book stories. Not even comic book fans will know exactly what comes next.

We’ve already seen that Marvel and Disney are poised to experiment more with their TV shows than they do with their movies. WandaVision is the perfect example of this, a risque mix of different sitcom pastiches and more traditional blockbuster action dramas.

Moon Knight, the new Marvel series. What is the story of Moon Knight.

On the other hand, Hawkeye was arguably more comically bent than any MCU canon aside from Guardians of the Galaxy. Everything we know about Moon Knight, meanwhile, indicates something much closer to horror.

Marvel must have confidence in Moon Knight, to bring him to the screen from the pool of literally hundreds of heroes yet to be seen in the MCU. So why a TV series and not a movie? Easy; all the extra time his own series gives him will allow Moon Knight’s character to be developed in detail, and at a reasonable pace. And as you will see, his character is really complex.

Moon Knight release date

Moon Knight will stream exclusively on Disney Plus beginning March 30, 2022. Only one season has been confirmed so far, and when speaking with Collider at a WandaVision press event, Kevin Feige revealed that this season will consist of six. 40-50 minutes. episodes

While we don’t have confirmation, Moon Knight will likely follow the same weekly episode release schedule that other MCU shows have done, with the first episode dropping on Wednesday, March 30, and then subsequent episodes dropping each following Wednesday for the next five weeks.

Cast of Moon Knight

What is the story of Moon Knight.

Moon Knight himself will be played by Oscar Isaac. Isaac is no stranger to playing comic book characters on screen, having previously played Apocalypse in the (admittedly less than stellar) X-Men: Apocalypse. He is already a part of the House of Mouse as well, known to millions around the world as Poe Dameron in the most recent Star Wars movies.

Isaac will join Ethan Hawke, who will play the role of Arthur Harrow. A young Hawke starred in Dead Poets Society, although you may know him better from more recent works like Sinister or The Purge. Harrow appeared in only one issue of the Moon Knight comics, so it will be interesting to see what Hawke does with the villain in, we assume, a much larger role.

May Calamawy stars in Moon Knight as Layla El-Faouly. Calamawy isn’t as well known as her male co-stars (although you might recognize her from the 2021 comedy Together Together), and interestingly, her character doesn’t appear at all in the Moon Knight comics. Or she ? Marvel has already used the ‘hide a character behind a fake name’ trick once in WandaVision, so maybe they’re doing it again here.

Also credited with an appearance in all six episodes is F. Murray Abraham (with an extensive resume that includes Scarface, Homeland, and Mythic Quest) as the voice of the Egyptian god Khonshu, and the late French actor Gaspard Ulliel as Anton Mogart, or “ Midnight man.”

Moon Knight Trailers

There have only been two trailers for Moon Knight, with a combined running time of just under two and a half minutes. However, they have proven to be more than enough to get everyone excited!

What is the story of Moon Knight

British gift shop clerk Steven Grant suffers from blackouts, hears voices in his head and has a sleep disorder, which means he has a hard time distinguishing between dreams and reality. Of course, there is more to this than he suspects, and he discovers that he is sharing his body with Marc Spector, who has a very different personality from his own.

He later discovers that he is also the earthly avatar of Khonshu, the ancient Egyptian moon god, and that all of this is somehow related to repressed trauma. On top of all that, with Steven’s other personalities come his enemies.

What is the story of Moon Knight.

How closely the show will stick to the comics when it comes to Moon Knight’s origins remains to be seen, but some big details are already confirmed. Moon Knight has dissociative identity disorder, making him the first MCU superhero to officially live with long-term mental illness.

His confirmed personalities for the show are Steven Grant, American mercenary Marc Spector (who also makes Moon Knight the MCU’s first Jewish superhero), and “Mr Knight”, who, in the comics, is a detective character. It is hinted that more people will appear as well, yet to be revealed.

While using multiple personalities is an easy way to get an actor to play multiple roles on the same show, it’s important to approach mental health with the care and respect it deserves, something writer/executive producer Jeremy Slater wanted to tell you. to USA Today that he understands. “Whatever we’re putting out in the universe has to be ultimately good and uplifting and have a positive message about mental health,” he said.

Who is writing and directing Moon Knight

Moon Knight’s head writer is Jeremy Slater, who worked (among other things) on Netflix’s excellent adaptation of The Umbrella Academy. The episodes are directed by Mohamed Diab, Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead.

Slater, Diab, and Isaac get executive producer credits, as do Kevin Feige (of course!), Louis D’Esposito, Victoria Alonso, Grant Curtis, and Brad Winderbaum. Co-executive producers are Trevor Waterson and Rebecca Kirsch.

As we have mentioned in AmericanPost.Newsfans of Marvel You can watch Moon Knight on Disney Plus starting March 30.

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