Evidence leaked showing Amber Heard at strange parties of powerful

They reveal new evidence of what he was doing Amber Heard at parties of powerful millionaires, this is a new controversy for the actress who began to live since her divorce with Johnny Depp and after losing the judgment against him.

Now, this new situation began since the actress would have threatened Elon Musk with revealing some intimate videos of the billionaire, as we told you yesterday in AmericanPost.News.

The content of these videos is scandalous, because apparently, Amber Heard took young girls once a month, after recruiting them, to the parties of Elon Musk and other billionaires to do very naughty and sexual things together with her. Everything seems to indicate that this is real because of what has been leaked. In AmericanPost.News We will tell you what will happen after this news.

There are photographs that show what happened to Amber Heart at those parties

The leaked photos of Amber Heard. This is the house that Amber Heard sold.

On the House Inhabit site you can see the photographs that could prove that these billionaire parties are real and take place in Los Angeles. In them you can see Amber Heard as the protagonist of some acts that are understood as sexual in which he also interacts with other women.

In addition, there is a testimony whose identity is unknown. This person recounts some details of these parties that consisted of orgies with sadomasochistic themes and satanic rituals, with constant abuse of toxic substances.

Also, this source revealed that the characters who attended these parties were: “gods of technology, capitalists, founders, senior executives and promising entrepreneurs.” and confirm the presence of Amber Heard Y Elon Musk. He even ensures that the actress does have those intimate videos of the technology entrepreneur.

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Where does Amber Heard live now?

This is the house that Amber Heard sold.

Until now it was known that the controversial Amber Heard was living on a farm in Yucca Valley, in the state of California, which is located in a desert area of ​​the Mojave desert. However, it was recently learned that she sold it due to bankruptcy.

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