ex-girlfriend of Christian Nodal in full concert

  • Ex-girlfriend of Christian Nodal attends the singer’s concert
  • The young woman claims that Nodal saw her in the audience and smiled at her
  • Where was Belinda?

What will Belinda think of all this? The ex-girlfriend of the singer Christian Nodal, Lisa Macías, surprises in social networks when she tells how was the interaction she had with the Mexican when he was performing in concert in his hometown, assuring that at any moment the fiancé of Belinda and her they had exchanged glances.

A few months ago Lisa Macías, who claims to be the ex-girlfriend of Christian Nodal, told her love story with the singer through Tik Tok, causing thousands of fans of the singer of the song “Bottle after bottle” to focus their eyes and ears to this young woman from Baja California.

He was too proud; Video circulates of the ex-girlfriend of Christian Nodal in full concert of the singer

He was too proud;  Video circulates of Christian Nodal's ex-girlfriend in full concert of the singer
VIDEO: Instagram

After this and several weeks later, on October 12, the account of the journalist Nelssie Carillo rescued Lisa’s stories, where the young woman reported through social networks that she had attended the concert that Christian Nodal gave in Baja California, telling her experience through her official Instagram account, where her followers were asking her what it was like to see her ex-boyfriend on stage.

At the beginning of her stories, Lisa recounted part of her experience attending the Nodal event, saying that when she saw the singer she felt too much pride for him: Which one did you share the table, your pens, your homework, your time off and that he told you that that was his goal and seeing him in person realizing his dream and seeing that people paid to see him is very proud “

He sings his song to him; Video circulates of the ex-girlfriend of Christian Nodal in full concert of the singer

He sings his song to him;  Video circulates of the ex-girlfriend of Christian Nodal in full concert of the singer
VIDEO: Instagram

The ex-girlfriend of Christian Nodal later spoke about what she felt when the singer began to interpret “Te Fallé”, a song that he composed for her: “Neta felt so beautiful that a little piece of my life is reflected in something almost worldwide, that song means a lot to me because someone could make art with my story. “

Another question they asked the alleged ex-girlfriend of Christian Nodal the most was that if Belinda’s fiancé realized that she had attended his concert, to which Lisa Macías reported that she had, and they had even exchanged glances when Nodal was still I was above the stage …

Do they make eye contact in full presentation ?; Video circulates of Christian Nodal’s ex-girlfriend in full concert of the singer

Do they make eye contact in full presentation ?;  Video circulates of the ex-girlfriend of Christian Nodal in full concert of the singer
VIDEO: Instagram

In her story, Lisa Macías said that at one point she stood on a chair and then a spotlight illuminated her, causing Christian Nodal to realize that his ex-girlfriend was there: I stand in a chair, I was up to the front, in the gold zone, and I took off my hat and I wasn’t wearing a mask, and then the lights began to shine on the public and I was with my hands up following the song, he turns to see me and in the middle of the song he smiles at me and holds my gaze for about 10 seconds “

Lisa recounted the great sensation she felt when she had such a look at Christian Nodal, to such a degree that she did not even believe it: “Then my friend who was next to me said ‘I JUST SEE YOU'”, to which she young man at the bottom of the video put: “And I like this: SIII, I thought I was hallucinating.”

Where was Belinda ?; Video circulates of the ex-girlfriend of Christian Nodal in full concert of the singer

Where was Belinda?
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To close with her statements, the former Christian Nodal reported that Belinda was at the concert, and that even during her presentation, Nodal dedicated the most romantic songs to her: “I did not see her honestly, but how beautiful the truth is, because yes He mentioned her and in the most romantic songs he said ‘for you my love’ ”.

After this, Lisa Macías said that she did not feel wise to go to greet him since he was already making his life, in addition to the fact that she already had a boyfriend: “Honestly, I did not feel prudent as to look for him, I went to enjoy his music (… ) You have your wife next to him and he already has a whole family and time with him, and I already have my boyfriend, so no, I didn’t expect anything like that ”.

Followers begin to criticize her; Video circulates of Christian Nodal’s ex-girlfriend in full concert of the singer

Followers begin to criticize her
VIDEO: Instagram

After these statements by Lisa Macías, Christian Nodal’s ex-girlfriend, many followers of Nelssie Carrillo’s Instagram account did not hesitate to leave their comment, stating that the young woman must already overcome her relationship with the singer because she she kept talking about him:

“Having a boyfriend and she’s getting upset”, “It’s not healthy what that girl does, that she respects her boyfriend, because that posting about an ex… she’s not respecting her current partner, turn the page, it’s advice”, “Ayyyy, get over it, little girl.”

“Oh please, no one who believes him”

PHOTO: Instagram

On the other hand, some followers did not believe the words that Lisa Macías narrated during all her Instagram stories, stating that it was impossible for Christian Nodal to see her among all the people who had attended her concert: “Oh please, if the concert was very crowded, in addition to the lights and that it was night. It happens, how he invents ”.

“This girl still thinks that Nodal is in her hahaha, she was deluded, she was far from the stage according to the video that she shared, hence he did not even see her, what imagination the girl spends, stop inventing”, “This woman does have an imagination, as she likes to invent, Belinda was on stage with Christian’s parents, who if we were near the stage we could see Beli”, were one of the many comments that could be seen in the video of Christian Nodal’s ex-girlfriend. VIDEO HERE

Christian Nodal tells the truth about his wedding with Belinda

Christian Nodal tells the truth about his wedding to Belinda
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Total secrecy. After the constant rumors on social networks that he had married in Spain, the Mexican singer and songwriter Christian Nodal finally breaks the silence and tells the truth about his wedding with fellow singer Belinda.

Since their courtship became official, and after the engagement ring was delivered to her in a most elegant restaurant, the couple have given much to talk about and more when they themselves have given rise to this to happen.

“I’m very excited, really”

Belinda Christian Nodal
PHOTO: Instagram

In an interview that he gave a few days ago for a television station in Saltillo, Coahuila, in Mexico, where he offered an unforgettable concert within his tour throughout the country, Christian Nodal did not beat around the bush and expressed himself as follows:

“I wish I was married right now. I’m dying to marry my love (referring to Belinda), but no, not yet. It’s not just the agenda, I think it’s a preparation and you have to have an emotional state, and everything … I mean, there are many things, and I’m really excited, “said the composer, who a few weeks ago deleted all your social media photos.

Is the wedding still on?

Christian Nodal Belinda
PHOTO: Instagram

On this occasion, the interpreter of Love at first sight could not accompany Christian Nodal in his concert as he has done on other occasions, they were even seen together at the 2021 Billboard Awards, which took place a few days ago in Miami , Florida.

In the interview that Christian Nodal gave, he did not go into more details about the date on which the long-awaited wedding would take place, throwing away the rumors of a separation, which have appeared at the slightest possible opportunity.

Christian Nodal admits that he is jealous

Christian Nodal Belinda
PHOTO: Reform Agency

In another vein, the interpreter of Goodbye, love, accepted that he is jealous, “but normal”, and thus expressed himself: “When you have to be jealous with obvious things, but of someone else, that is, for me it is the most beautiful woman there is and they will always admire her for her beauty, so I have no problem with that, “he said about Belinda.

He also commented that the decision he made to delete his photos from his official Instagram account was due to the fact that his personal life was being mixed too much with his professional life: “It was like very hard, because there are very strong and ugly comments, and (a ) I was not used to that energy ”, he concluded.