Ex-girlfriend of Fernando Gago revealed the infidelities of the former Argentine soccer player: “He was unfaithful to me with half of Argentina and with half of Europe”

Mica Vázquez, ex-girlfriend of Argentine Fernando Gago, revealed the story of his relationship with the former soccer player during his time at Real Madrid and why it ended. Vázquez assured that Instagram did not yet exist and that that would have complicated everything.

“Double relationships, infidelities… I was completely in love with him.” “Because he screwed me up with half Argentina and half Europe!” Was the response of the ex-partner after a question about why he separated from Fernando Gago.

Despite the infidelity, Vázquez said that he does not hold a grudge against him because he understands what it meant for Gago to have gone to Madrid at just 20 years of age for one of the most important teams in the world.

“I always tried to justify it, and understand the head of a 20-year-old boy who, from living in a quiet neighborhood, even humble, goes on to yell at you ‘Gago!’ a whole field.” Go to a nightclub and be brought to all the mines you want, have money for whatever you want”, the actress recounted.

Mica Vázquez also told how she made the decision to go live with Gago despite the fact that her parents did not want to, and went to Madrid with the former Argentine soccer player at the age of 19.

I was with Gago and I went to live in Madrid for him. I was always very passionate! I’m getting married, I’m getting divorced, I’m going to live in Spain. He was 19 years old,” he recounted.

Also, Argentina also said that after a while she took revenge against Fernando Gago Due to the infidelities and without ending her relationship with him, she was also with another man so that both of them would remain even.

“I was faithful until a moment when we were half a while, we were not separated, and I said ‘I have to take revenge’. It was more revenge than anything else and I think I chased a kid, nothing more. Well, maybe something else.” the Argentine said.

Gago played 121 games with Real Madrid and played with the white team after the Galacticos era where he shared a team with Cristiano Ronaldo, Raúl, Benzema, Xabi Alonso, Casillas, among others and was directed by Mourinho, Pellegrini.

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