Ex-Mississippi paramedic will spend 40 years behind bars for sexually assaulting multiple patients

For sexually assaulting patients in ambulances while they were being transported to hospitals, a Former Mississippi paramedic will spend 40 years behind barsafter pleading guilty a few weeks ago.

During Monday’s sentencing hearing, James Lavelle Walley, 57, of Leakesville, apologized to his victims, the Sun Herald reported.

“I ask you, I beg you to forgive me”expressed the man, before some of the victims and their families, who could not hold back their tears in the courtroom.

Despite his apologies, the judge and the prosecutor were blunt about the sanction against Walley.

“You should be over 90 years old before you are eligible to leave”said District Attorney Angel Myers McIlrath.

On May 9, the defendant pleaded guilty to three counts of sexual assault and two counts of lustful touching of a child.

The prosecutor indicated that Walley’s crimes occurred between 2016 and 2019, when he was working as a certified paramedic for ASAP Ambulance. The company, which treats patients in Alabama and Mississippi, fired him.

Court records show that when the attacks were carried out in an ambulance, Walley was in the back while the ambulance drivers, who denied any knowledge of the attacks, did nothing to intervene.

At Monday’s verdict hearing, Circuit Judge Robert Krebs addressed the victims and told them he was sorry he faced doubt from some law enforcement officers or others in the criminal justice system.

“My apologies for not believing you,” express.

In each criminal case, the victims are described as vulnerable because they had a medical condition that required emergency care when they were attacked by Walley. The prosecutor indicated that, in 2018, the defendant raped a pregnant patient in an ambulance while being transferred to a hospital, hours later the woman had a miscarriage.

The man, who will spend 40 years in prison, had no criminal record before his arrest.

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