Exatlón All Star: who would participate in the new sports reality show

In “Exatlón All Star” the return of Mati Álvarez is expected (Photo: Twitter / @matiarchive)

Antonio Rosique, driver Exatlon, announced that there will be a special season of the show in 2022. It will be titled Exaltón All Star and some details were given. The first confirmed participants were Macky gonzalez Y Heber Gallegos, who are currently in competition.

“Tonight, I announce and share with you, Mexico, the launch of Exatlón All Star, the new competition elite of this adventure. An annual competition, year after year will give an automatic invitation to all the champions and finalists in the history of this journey.”Exclaimed the driver furiously.

Who is nicknamed as “The Highest Authority” affirmed that Exatlon All Star it will start as soon as the current season ends, which will be until next year. Similarly, he recalled that they add 13 people between finalists and champions during their seasons. Those athletes have already been called up to the special season.

So much Macky gonzalez What Heber Gallegos they were personally invited, being runners-up on the show’s first and third seasons, respectively. Both competitors were excited about the announcement.

“It will be a season with 20 athletes, ten women, ten men, ten red, ten blue. You heard it right Exatlon All Star, an annual season, an elite competition. A single winner or winner“Added Rosique about the future of the reality sports.

On the other hand, the new contest will not only have experienced athletes, but there will also be room for the finalists and winners of the current brawl. There will be four representatives of the season that is currently in broadcast.

Exatlon Mexico
From left to right: Keno, Valery, Ernesto, Mati, Aristeo, Evelyn, Javi and Jazmín (Photo: Twitter / @ VengaLaAlegria)

Similarly, Rosique added that there will be wild cards or wildcards to make special invitations. This suggests that there will not only be champions and runners-up, but also those iconic characters from Exatlon who were eliminated before the final.

Although they are only officially confirmed Macky gonzalez Y Heber Gallegos, with the information given you can think about who will be invited to Exatlón All Star, according to the records of the reality sports.

From the first season of Exatlon, in addition to Macky González, the return of Ernesto Cázares. Similarly, it would not be surprising to summon Daniel Corral and Ana Lago. On the other hand, Aristeo Cázares could also appear as the winner of the second season accompanied by Araujo Duck Y Evelyn Guijarro.

(Photo: Instagram: @Exatlonmx)
Some of the most popular ex-members of “Exatlón” (Photo: Instagram: @Exatlonmx)

Without a doubt, two of the most popular and most sought-after athletes are Mati Alvarez Y Heliud Polished, both winners of the third season. Cassandra Asencio Y Christian anguiano also gained popularity and were expected to join the team of Legends of the current season, but it did not happen.

After the end of the competitions, Rosique took the floor to give the announcement that changed the course of the reality. The sports commentator also highlighted that the information given is totally official, as it has the validation of the original producer of the Exatlon, as well as Azteca TV, who is in charge of its version in Mexico.

(Photo: Instagram: @exatlonmx)
Paula Flores, the most recent eliminated from the reality show (Photo: Instagram: @exatlonmx)

The current Exatlon season has had several modalities. One of the main novelties was the implementation of a third team, called Legends. The first conglomerate of these was composed of Keno Martell, Valeria Carranza, Ernesto Cázares, Evelyn Guijarro, Javier Márquez, Mati Álvarez, Aristeo and Jazmín Hernández. The yellow team fought the two current squads to win a prize money.

The team of Legends was renewed to summon, again, to Keno and Jasmine, but these were added Patricio Araujo, Aristeo, Heliud Pulido, Pamela Valderrama, Doris del Moral and Cecilia “Wushu”. Like their predecessors, the group of Legends was for a limited time and only participated in special disputes.

The last one removed from Exatlon Mexico it was Paula Flores, who had barely been integrated as reinforcement. The member disputed her place against Tanya Nunez Y Mariana Khalil.


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