Exatlón All Stars already has the first confirmed of the new season

The sports reality show Exatlón: ALL STAR is already one of the most anticipated programs of this 2022 and that will start next January 31 by the signal of Azteca Uno, after the end of the fifth season of Exatlón: Guardianes vs Conquistadores.

The famous reality show through its social networks made known to the athletes confirmed for the first season of this modality, one by one they have appeared, they are the ones who will play everything for everything to become the maximum champions.

It was not long ago when the highest authority Antonio Rosique said that the broadcast will arrive on the screen very soon. “We welcome Exatlón: ALL STAR, an annual competition that will automatically invite all champions and finalists in the history of Exatlón.”

Mati Alvarez

Mati Álvarez Ernesto Cázares Evelyn Guijarro Javi Márquez

It is about a participant who has made history in the lands of Exatlón and now she will be back with the aim of defeating all the opponents in her path.

“The call was made and the response from the three-time champion was positive, as Mati Álvarez will be part of this version of the most demanding reality show. The woman who has made history on the beaches and lands of Exatlón is back to show why she has been the Golden Champion of this journey “, they expressed from the official website of TV Azteca.

Ernesto Cázares

Ernesto Cázares Evelyn Guijarro Javi Márquez

He is the champion of the first season, Ernesto Cázares will form part of the reality show and is one of the 100 percent confirmed participants to reach the beaches and seek victory, as he is used to.

“The lands and beaches of the Exatlon will receive the champion of the first season,” wrote the production next to the photo of his confirmation.

Evelyn Guijarro

Evelyn Guijarro Javi Márquez

Who could not miss is the great Sniper, Evelyn Guijarro also responded favorably to the call and joins the adventure that is about to begin. “The great SNIPER @evelynguijarro joins the adventure of ???????????? ´ ?? ?????? ????????! Are you excited for your return to the circuits? Great premiere, Monday, January 31st by Azteca UNO ”, they mentioned.

Javi marquez

Javi marquez

Another of those confirmed is Javi Márquez, known as Big Papi, joins the team of historical athletes who will be part of the first season of Exatlón: ALL STAR. “! Will he win absolute glory this time? Is the question.

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