Exatlón México 2023: Who Are the Contenders for Red and Blue?

Exatlón Mexico's new season brings together iconic competitors and new challengers in a test of physical skill, mental strength, and teamwork.

After a long wait, the popular Mexican reality show Exatlón Mexico finally returns for an all-new season this Monday, November 6th, on TV Azteca. This highly anticipated new season promises to bring back some fan-favorite legends of the show, as well as exciting new challengers and intense competition.

Exatlón Mexico first premiered in 2017 and has since become one of the most-watched reality competitions in Mexico. The show tests contestants on their physical abilities, mental fortitude, and teamwork as they face grueling obstacle courses and contests. Winners receive lucrative cash prizes.

This new season is being dubbed “a competition of legends” and will feature the return of 12 iconic Exatlón champions and finalists. Fans are eagerly awaiting the comeback of their favorite athletes as they take on bold newcomers.

New Twists and Formats

The new season of Exatlón will introduce fresh twists and competitive formats to keep viewers engaged. Host Antonio Rosique has teased exciting new obstacle courses that will push the contestants to their limits.

One of the biggest changes this season is an initial team shuffle, where some athletes will reportedly have to switch teams partway through the competition. This will throw fans for a loop, as traditionally, contestants compete as either Famosos (celebrities) or Contendientes (civilians) for the entire season. The team swap is likely to cause tension and drama within alliances.

There will also be some individual challenges, where a single player can win advantages for their team rather than the traditional two-team format. According to spoilers, frontrunner Macky González has already won one of these solo competitions.

The Fierce Competitors

Here is a breakdown of the legends returning this season:

Team Azul (Blue)

  • Liliana Hernández
  • Macky González
  • Andrea Medina
  • Ernesto Cázares
  • Javi Márquez
  • Andrés Fierro

Team Rojo (Red)

  • Mati Álvarez
  • Nataly Gutiérrez
  • Ana Lago
  • Heliud Pulido
  • Pato Araujo
  • Daniel Corral

These veterans will be leading and mentoring a batch of eager rookie challengers who are vying to make their mark in Exatlón history.

According to early spoilers, Pato Araujo, Heliud Pulido, and Mati Álvarez have already displayed incredible skills and emerged as early frontrunners for Team Rojo. Macky González and Andrés Fierro are leading the charge for Team Azul.

Daniel Corral’s Injury Scare

In an unfortunate turn of events, Red Team legend Daniel Corral suffered a shoulder injury on the first day of competition. Corral was a finalist in Exatlón’s inaugural 2017 season and fans were thrilled for his return.

The good news is that medical exams showed the injury is not serious and should not impact Daniel’s future participation this season after some rest. However, it was certainly an unlucky break for one of the most beloved veterans.


Corral has been a figurehead for Exatlón Mexico ever since his impressive rookie season, where he became known for his combination of brawn and brains. Fans are relieved that his injury does not seem to be a major setback, and they cannot wait to see him bouncing back into fierce shape.

Where and When to Watch

The new season of Exatlón Mexico airs Monday to Friday at 8:30 pm ET/PT starting November 6th, exclusively on TV Azteca’s Azteca UNO channel in Mexico.

For viewers in other countries, you can stream the show online on TV Azteca’s website. Exatlón episodes are typically uploaded shortly after they air.

The special season premiere on November 6th is a must-see television for all Exatlón fans across the Americas. Be sure to tune in for the iconic introductions of returning legends and new faces who will spend weeks battling it out in Exatlón’s breathtaking Dominican Republic location.

This season looks to be the most competitive yet, blending experience, enthusiasm, and elite athleticism. All signs indicate the upcoming season being the biggest and best Exatlón Mexico ever.

What to Expect Going Forward

As we head into the new season, fans can expect absolute peak excitement and adrenaline as veterans and rookies alike leave everything on the field. With so many powerhouse contenders, the strength and skills on display should be at an all-time high.

Viewers can look forward to shocking eliminations, surprise medical withdrawals, budding romances, and no doubt some heated arguments as the mind games and mental exhaustion start to set in.

With a team shuffle in the mix, we are set to see some of our established favorites pushed out of their comfort zones and forced to bond with new teammates. This could create internal friction but also birth some unlikely alliances.

As the weeks wear on and contestants get eliminated, the stakes will get higher and higher. With hundreds of thousands of dollars and the prestigious Exatlón trophy on the line, tempers will flare, and the challenges will become more daunting.

By the time we reach the grand finals, the last men and women standing will need both supreme physical prowess and an ironclad will in order to be crowned the Exatlón Mexico champion.