Exatlón México All Star When will it be released and who will push themselves to the limit?

Very soon you will arrive at the screen of Aztec TV the Exatlón México All Star, and here we will tell you who the new participants will be and their release date so you don’t miss a single chapter, take note!

In AmericanPost.News We reveal to you that this reality show is one of the most beloved on Mexican television and that it always puts several athletes to the limit with their endurance challenges.

Previously we told you about the romances that have arisen in this program; however, now we will tell you how its next edition is expected to take place.

Exatlón México All Star When does it premiere?

Image from the reality show. Photo: heraldodeportes.com.mx Host of the reality show. Photo: futbol.radioformula.com.mx

The premiere will be on January 31, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. through Azteca channel 10, as revealed by the general director of content and distribution of TV Azteca, Sandra Smester, through her official account on Instagram.

Talking about this brings us good memories, therefore, here we will tell you who the past winners of the past Exatlón were, so that it gives you a little nostalgia, what a time!

  • First season

Ernesto Cazares

  • Second season

Aristeo Cazares and Aidee Hernández

  • Third season

Matilde Álvarez and Heliud Pulido

  • Fourth season

Patricio Araujo and Matilde Álvarez

Exatlón Who are the new athletes?

Host of the reality show. Photo: futbol.radioformula.com.mx

Next, we will give you the list of participants who will be part of this new edition of the reality show, take note!

  1. Ernesto Cázares (first season)
  2. Macky González (first season)
  3. Aidee Hernández (second season)
  4. Evelyn Guijarro (second season)
  5. Patricio Araujo (second season)
  6. Aristeo Cázarez (second season)
  7. Héber Gallegos (third season)
  8. Heliud Pulido (third season)
  9. Casandra Ascensio (third season)
  10. Macky Álvarez (third season)
  11. Javi Márquez (third season)
  12. Daniel Corral (first season finalist)
  13. Ana Lago (first season finalist)

It must be said that until now it is not known who will be part of the red and blue teams, everything will be said on the day of the premiere!

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