Exatlón México: Antonio González was eliminated in a controversial duel against Heber Gallegos

Antonio González was eliminated from “Exatlón México” (Photo: Instagram/@exatlonmx)

The penultimate week of Exathlon Mexico is about to end. Anthony Gonzalez, nicknamed white mamba, was eliminated from the competition. However, the output of Tony was dramatic and caused a stir in the fans of the program, since Heber Gallegos, with whom it was measured, applied an unusual strategy.

The elimination occurred between members of the red team because pathfinders managed to win both tests by survival. Heber and Antonio had no choice, since they were the only men in the scarlet squad. With this result, the three males of the opposite group, that is, Koke, David and Ramiro, are classified to the last cycle of the reality show.

Tony competed against Heber Thunder Gallegos with a clear disadvantage. The latter had two medals, which in the final duel become extra lives. Despite being against the canvas, Gallegos did not use his medals at first. When everything indicated that the runner was going to be disqualified, decided to take his advantage and eliminate Antonio. In the preview of the program, he confessed that this was his plan.

Exathlon Mexico
Antonio at the time of his elimination (Photo: Instagram/@exatlonmx)

“That was my strategy. make it blur a bit when not using the medals”, confessed Heber Gallegos. “I was able to take advantage of that, otherwise I would have had to leave,” he added.

Both Antonio González and Heber had seven lives. Although the latter was the one who started the fight better, eventually Tony, a professional basketball player, picked up the pace and won consecutively. The duel, at one point in the night, it was 4 to 1, in favor of Antonio.

Even in a critical situation, Thunder, At first, he decided to keep his medals. This gesture is not unusual, throughout the seasons of exathlon has been several cases where colleagues decide not to use their medals. The explanation they have given is that they prefer to use them against their rivals.

Exathlon Mexico
Heber Gallegos and “Tony” González in competition (Photo: Instagram/@exatlonmx)

The basketball player understood it that way, which caused him doubt. “Normal?”, I ask Tony her companions about how hard she should come out. “Normal, that’s how it should be. Get into your game”Zudikey concluded. Nataly, the other member of the team, did not understand what was happening either. “Well, that’s what they’re for, if not, what did he win them for?”, commented.

Gallegos’ victory did not change his stay on the limit. Despite this, for a second time, he chose to leave his medals disabled. “The Heber thing is also an act of courage. He is facing his teammate and does not want to use any additional advantage”, Rosique analyzed.

With a more closed score, 2 to 1, Heber finally agreed to his medals. Antonio González did not have any extra life and although he was offered one by Nataly, he did not want to use it. The victory of the basketball professional put everything back to a single point. The situation repeated itself, thus causing Thunder burn all your assets. Finally the sprinter Heber Gallegos prevailed and eliminated Antonio González. Although he lost his medals, the runner managed to neutralize a marker that placed him in a knockout.

Exathlon Mexico
Antonio and Heber, the last men of the scarlet team (Photo: Instagram/@exatlonmx)

Coldly, the athlete explained in the preview of Sunday’s program that this was his movement. The idea was to distract Antonio to the point where they were with the same possibilities. On Instagram, Some Internet users externalized that Tony was the real winner and that he deserved a second chance in another season.

In this way, the male branch of Exathlon Mexico closed ranks to face the final week. David’s Competitors The beast, Enrique Koke Guerrero, Ramiro Garza and Heber Gallegos will enter the last cycle of the program. The next broadcast will define which athletes are ready for the final. So far in contention are Zudikey, Nataly dynamom Gutierrez, Ximena Duggan, Marysol Cortes Y Tanya Nunez, but only four will make it to the next round.


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