Excessive bachelor party? Groom arrives drunk at his wedding

Excessive bachelor party?  Groom arrives drunk at his wedding

No bride does not wish her wedding to be perfect, since in addition to being the most anticipated day of his entire life, organizing it could have been a titanic task of months and even years.

Unfortunately, things do not always go as expected at a wedding because finally there are things that will happen in the moment and that can hardly be controlled; However, you would never imagine that your future husband would become your worst enemy in that special moment.

Turns out to be On TikTok, a video taken during a wedding has gone viral showing how the groom arrived at the ceremony in very bad shape, falling drunk.

In fact, the clip shows how the groom must be held by another man, since he cannot stand alone.

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Свадьба пошла не по плану 🤣Как не надо проводить мальчишник # свадьба # бухойжених # бухой # пранк

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“The wedding did not go according to plan. How not to have a bachelor party “, reads the description of the video.

Although it was believed that the wedding would come to an end, it actually ended successfully. However, in the clip it was possible to see that the bride was not very happy about her partner’s behavior.

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