Exclusive brands such as Cartier and Michael Kors arrive at Bodega Aurrerá

From your online store Aurrera Winery now offers recognized products in the market as “exclusive” due to the prices they can reach, brands like Coach, Cartier and Michael Kors, are now part from your catalog.

The new offer of bags, perfumes, garments, among others, has surprised users, with this addition the supermarket obtains a new category in the segment to which it belongs, in Mexico.

went through the Twitter platform that went viral Aurrera Winery have in your catalog this type of products, so far it has not been confirmed if these brands will be available in physical stores.

Bodega Aurrerá could have more exclusive products

The supermarket could have more exclusive products The countries that have Bodega Aurrera

Now that the supermarket has gone from selling food and other basic items for the home to offering Luxury brands” like Cartier, opens up the possibility of including more of these products to your catalog.

Bodega Aurrerá may have made this change thanks to the possibilities it offers the marketplace modelwhich gives companies the opportunity to have your virtual store and win more customers, as well as sell certain type of products.

What countries have Bodega Aurrera?

The countries that have Bodega Aurrera

According to the information, the supermarket Aurrera Winery is physically present in 14 countriessuch as Argentina, Brazil, CanadaChile, Costa Rica, The SaviorGuatemala, Japan and UK.

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