Exclusive Liga MX contract with Konami suspended: Chivas, América, Pumas and Tigres refuse to cancel their contract with EA Sports

Photo: Refugio Ruiz / Getty Images

Weeks ago Liga MX announced that it had reached an agreement with Konami for the Mexican teams to appear, exclusively, in the eFootball video game but now several teams have refused to cancel their contract with EA Sports, the company that previously had the rights to the league.

According to the newspaper Record, Chivas de Guadalajara, Pumas, Tigres and América have been the teams that have refused to dissolve the agreements they had with the creators of FIFA 22even though Liga MX had secured a higher revenue stream with Konami’s new contract.

In the new agreement, all the clubs in the first and second divisions of Mexican soccer must give up their rights to use the names and players in the eFootball video game, and since the contract is exclusive, they cannot appear in other deliveries that are not from the Japanese company.

The same media reported that Given the refusal of the teams to revoke the agreements with EA Sports, the contract with Konami hangs in the balance; even, Chivas de Guadalajara would have sent a memo stating its decision not to venture with eFootball to the Mexican Football Federation and Liga MX.

Yet another of the main reasons why the quartet of teams did not want to leave FIFA is related to the eGames in Mexico.. According to sources, the players who represent the teams in competitions are more adapted to the gameplay offered by the EA Sports delivery and they have almost no relation to the game that was previously known as Pro Evolution Soccer.

For now we just have to wait Let’s see if the Liga MX and Konami contract is confirmed or if, on the contrary, Chivas, Pumas, América and Tigres win in their desire to continue in the FIFA franchise.

If the negotiation with Konami is completed, 18 years of uninterrupted collaboration between EA Sports and Liga MX will endmaking its debut in 2004 with Pumas and América in the teams that appeared in the Rest of the World and a year later, in 2005, it began to have the total rights of the 18 teams in the local tournament.

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