Expert analyzes the last words written by Yrma Lydya

Through social networks, some photographs of a series of drawings and words that were written by Yrma Lydya before being murdered and now it is the graphologist MaryFer Centeno who reveals the meaning.

In AmericanPost.News We have let you know that the singer was shot to death in the Del Valle neighborhood of Mexico City.

His unfortunate death has shocked the entertainment world, as he had a promising career in music.

Last post from Yrma Lydya

Yrma Lydya wrote a message before she was killed. Yrma Lydya was killed by her husband during a meeting.

On the paper tablecloths found in the restaurant, the singer Yrma Lydya wrote the following words:

“Blood problems, cross, diabetes, dishonest, start every day, the beginning”, in the same way he drew a series of circles and some figures around the words.

The Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office already has the document in its possession and is already being investigated by the relevant authorities.

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Reveal the meaning of Yrma Lydya’s message

Yrma Lydya was killed by her husband, during a meeting.

The renowned graphologist MaryFer Centeno analyzed the message that has spread on social networks, where Yrma Lydya’s writing is observed and revealed details of her personality.

“She was a warm, loving woman, very educated, very organized, who finished what she started, was extremely disciplined, achieved what she wanted, a woman with the power of persuasion, a good manipulator.”

In the same way, the expert assured that the message reflected anguish, fear, desperation and great emotional exhaustion.

Let us remember that according to the first investigations, Yrma Lydya and his husband Jesús “N” met in the restaurant to talk about their divorce, the discussion would have escalated and the man detonated a weapon against the woman.

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