Experts anticipate that the United States will have one of the most expensive winters

Experts anticipate that the United States will have one of the most expensive winters

A number of factors threaten this winter season is one of the most expensive in the United States in recent decades. Although a global economic recovery is already perceived, there are elements that prevent unleashing excessive optimism.

Experts consulted by Yahoo Finance !, warn of a generalized rise in prices that threatens to hit the pockets hard.

Sales in supermarkets will not be the only ones that we will see more expensive in the immediate future. With the arrival of the winter season, the prices of the fuels most used for heating are skyrocketing.

An estimate from the country’s Energy Information Administration indicates that households in the United States that use natural gas for heating, they will spend 30% more in the next six months than they spent last year for this concept.

Mauricio León, Economic Affairs Officer of the Natural Resources Division of ECLAC, said that the increase in fossil fuels is due to a exceptionally rapid global economic recovery; a long cold winter in the northern hemisphere; and a lower-than-expected increase in the supply of fuels.

For Oswaldo Felizzola, coordinator of the International Center for Energy and Environment of the Institute for Higher Administration Studies (IESA) in Caracas, Venezuela, this will be a long winter and in developed countries such as the US and China, costs have increased in unimaginable proportions at the beginning of the year, “More than 200% in some cases.”

Although advances in the use of renewable sources in power generation have increased, Oil, coal and natural gas still accounted for 81% of supply in 2019 global primary energy, so any variation in the prices of these raw materials, as well as their supply and demand, will continue to impact markets and consumers.

For Claudia Vásquez, from the World Bank, oil prices will remain on average around $ 74 a barrel by 2022This after an increase of around 70% was presented in 2021, all due to a recovery in world production.

Unfortunately, the United States is also being affected by inflation, which is at a decade high and is having an impact on groceries, basic items, appliances, fast food, and all kinds of consumer goods.

All of this warns that the United States must prepare for a more expensive winter than usual and, probably, the trend will last until spring.

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