Experts indicate that the amount of rain that falls in a single day is increasing, which increases flooding

Climate change is one of the reasons behind the increase in rainfall in the United States.

Photo: David Dee Delgado / Getty Images

The amount of water that falls in single-day rains is increasing over the years in the United States and experts indicate that climate change would be behind it. According to a study by Climate Central, a consortium made up of journalists and scientists, the areas where the greatest amount of water has been recorded are the cities of the Gulf of Mexico and the mid-Atlantic, among others.

The report revealed that of 246 cities in the United States, 178 saw an increase in the amount of water that fell in a single day and to find similar records you have to go back to 1950. For example, Houston this year witnessed an additional 2.8 inches of water fall than usual in the season, which represents an increase of 83% in the entity.

In Sacramento, the bomb cyclones brought rainfall that exceeded 5 inches in one day, making it the most water the city has seen since 1950. which set a record.

The study suggests that increasing the amount of water that falls in a single day also increased the number of times flash floods occurred in one or more cities. In addition, the intensity of meteorological events that affect only one day are also becoming more powerful each year, which in turn causes more and more significant rainfall.

According to the Climate Central report, Floods are one of the most expensive disasters annually for the United States, totaling $ 48 billion USD in five years (2016-2021). Even the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) estimates that each rain-related natural disaster costs more than $ 1 billion each year or so.

The main dwellings affected by the increase in the amount of rainfall and its consequences are the most humble communities and far from the big cities. This is due to the precariousness of the structures and discrimination in housing policy in some states, according to Climate Central.

For the researchers, the main reason for these increases in rainfall is climate change. As the atmosphere gets hotter and hotter, it has a greater ability to absorb moisture from the environment and then transform it into rain. Cwith just a 1 ° F rise the atmosphere is capable of absorbing 4% more moisture.

The study estimates that each year the rains will be stronger and the droughts more severe if the Earth’s temperatures are not controlled.

For its part, AccuWeahter indicates that there is a relationship between climate change and the formation of a meteorological event called “marine heat wave”, which would be the main responsible for the most recent rainfall in New York City in recent months.

On Wednesday, September 1, 7.13 inches of rain fell in a single sit-in in New York City. However, it is not the wettest day in the history of that city. The day that the most water fell in that city was in 2007 with 7.53 inches of water.

There are other cities that presented a decrease in the amount of rainfall in a year. Washington DC and Chicago haven’t seen much of a change in rainfall this season. To those cities are added Little Rock, Arkansas, Dayton, Ohio and Erie, Pennsylvania.

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