Eyewitness accounts and police footage spark rumors of a UFO crash in Las Vegas

Footage and eyewitness accounts reveal an event in Nevada, sparking curiosity and intrigue over potential extraterrestrial involvement.

On social networks, a video has gone viral where supposedly a UFO crashed in Las Vegas, which would have been captured by police cameras and claimed to be the definitive evidence.

Social networks and local media have reported the fall of an alleged UFO in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the United States.

According to the information, the sighting of the fall of the alleged UFO in Las Vegas took place last April 30; however, these police videos have just been released.

Likewise, there have also been revealed several calls made to 911 reporting the alleged fall of a UFO in Las Vegas, which could be seen from cities such as:

  • Nevada
  • California
  • Utah

In the images, you can see how a light between blue and green descends from the sky and then disappears.

In addition to the UFO in Las Vegas, reports claim to have seen “strange beings.”

Several videos have been released on social networks about an alleged UFO that fell in the Las Vegas area in the United States.

Not only police officers recorded the UFO falling in Las Vegas, but there were also reports of families who claimed to have seen it descending from the sky.

Also, reports claim that in addition to seeing the alleged UFO in Las Vegas, there were also sightings of “strange beings.”

As reported, police officers and families saw two non-human silhouettes in the backyard of their homes.

In calls to 911 to report the UFO in Las Vegas, they described these beings as being over six feet tall, with large eyes, and claimed they were staring at them.

“They look like aliens. They have big eyes. I can’t explain it. They have big mouths, they have glowing eyes; they are not human, they are 100% non-human.”


In the face of so many calls with reports of the alleged UFO in Las Vegas, the local police opened an investigation, but the flying object has not yet been identified.