Eza Mary, Lefty SM’s wife, reveals the real reasons behind her husband’s death

Eza Mary, wife of rapper Lefty SM, published a revealing message that denies the first versions of her husband's death.

On September 3, the world of Mexican urban music was jolted by the shocking news of the death of rapper Lefty SM, the result of a violent crime. While initial speculations flew around—ranging from an attempted kidnapping to a simple robbery gone wrong—it was Eza Mary, the late rapper’s widow, who shed light on the actual events surrounding her husband’s tragic demise.

Through a poignant post on her social media, she addressed the conjectures that were making rounds in the media.

Eza Mary’s heartfelt statement on her husband’s death

“The narrative that it was merely an assault is far from the truth,” she begins, “They came with the intent to kill you, my love.” Eza Mary emphasized that her husband wasn’t embroiled in any unlawful disputes, leading her to believe that envy from rival musicians might have been the root cause of this tragedy. “My love, they took you away. It’s heartbreaking how envy can be so brutal, especially when they knew the lengths you went to, chasing your dreams,” she lamented.

Lefty SM's wife revealed the truth about the rapper's death
Lefty SM’s wife revealed the truth about the rapper’s death

The Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office provided a brief on their ongoing investigation. On the night of the incident, three individuals trespassed into Lefty SM’s residence around 10:50 p.m. Their intent seemed to be to forcibly remove the rapper. However, when met with resistance, the assailants resorted to gunfire before making their escape.

Lefty SM was a great exponent of Mexican rap music
Lefty SM was a great exponent of Mexican rap music

Remembering Lefty SM, the rapper killed in Jalisco?

Beyond the headlines and the tragic circumstances of his death, Lefty SM, born Juan Carlos Suceda, was a beacon in the Mexican rap scene. Aged 31 at his untimely death, he hailed from the state of Sonora but had made Guadalajara, Jalisco his home, where he would ultimately meet his tragic end.

Having initiated his musical journey in 2010, it wasn’t until 2017 that Lefty SM’s talent truly began to shine through, marking him as one of Mexico’s premier rap talents. Throughout his career, he collaborated with notable figures in the genre, including MC Davo, Santa Fe Klan, Uziel Payán, El Komander, Luis R Conriquez, and Dharius, among others.