Ezra Miller was arrested in Hawaii for hitting a woman in the head

At the last moment, a local media in Hawaii reported that the actor Ezra Miller he was arrested again by the island authorities.

The interpreter of “The Flash” Apparently he was released a few hours later, however an investigation folder has been opened in his name.

Just last month, Miller had been arrested for public disorder, a situation that left him in a bad light before Warner Bros. executives, who were already analyzing whether to eliminate him from “The Flash.”

Actor of “The Flash” is arrested again

‘The Flash’ Actor Arrested Again Ezra Miller’s First Arrest

A report from the Hawaii Police Department has set off alarms again at Warner Bros, as it indicates that the star of “The Flash” has been arrested again.

The report specifies that Miller He was arrested for assault in the second degree, that is, the actor would have attacked a woman, leaving her a open wound half an inch on the head.

Miler was brought before the authorities and released hours later, however, investigations into the case will continue to determine his guilt.

Ezra Miller’s first arrest

Ezra Miller’s first arrest

Last March 28 AmericanPost.News informed you that Ezra was arrested in Hawaii, charged with disorderly conduct and harassment.

After being arrested, the actor paid his bail set at $500 dollars and in turn face the pressure of the press and social networks that ask for his departure from “The Flash”.

Not at the moment Ezra Miller nor Warner have spoken about the new scandal in the actor’s career “Fantastic Beasts 3”.

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