Fabiola Guajardo, the new Soraya Montenegro, takes off her clothes and puts on a sensual swimsuit

Fabiola Guajardo is enjoying the success of “Rich people cry too” in Mexico, a telenovela where she plays Soraya Montenegro. The actress and her companions finished recording the melodrama a few weeks ago and Fabiola has taken a good break.

It has been Quisqueya in the Dominican Republic where Fabiola has been seen showing off a great body in a swimsuit. Fabiola has shared several photos from the beautiful beaches wearing a white swimsuit that outlines her entire figure.

“You arrive in Quisqueya… You have Mangú for breakfast, you eat rice with beans and you have fried sin for dinner…’Hermanooooooo que apero’”, published the actress.

In the new version of “Los Ricos Tambien Lloran” starring claudia martin Y Sebastian Rulli, Fabiola gives life to Soraya Montenegro. The latter is the same character as Itatí Cantoral she performed in “María la del Barrio”, another version of the same story.

Soraya Montenegro is a beautiful, haughty and arrogant woman. She selfish and ambitious. She has a strong and willful character. She wears designer clothes and uses the best perfumes. She used to get what she wants by cunning, not caring who she has to step on to get it. She is manipulative, spiteful and ill-feeling.

Soraya is a partner of the Salvatierra holding company. She runs the company’s advertising and multimedia agency. Since she was little she knows that she was adopted. Her parents, Teresa and Rafael, could not have children by her, but they talked to her to reveal that truth, assuring her that she was the daughter they wanted and loved her more than anything in the world. She grew up dreaming of becoming Luis Alberto’s wife, but everything changed with the arrival of Mariana. Soraya will do everything possible to separate them.

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