Faced with rumors of a rupture between Peña Nieto and Tania Ruiz, Angélica Rivera celebrated with “El Güero” Castro

On the occasion of the new year the Mexican model Tania ruiz, He shared a message on his social networks with which, he caused the rumors of having ended her courtship with Enrique Peña Nieto, former President of Mexico. And while these speculations monopolized the headlines of the entertainment press, a photograph of the soap opera actress was viralized Angelica Rivera, receiving 2022 with her ex-husband José Alberto “El Güero” Castro, father of his three daughters.

In her Instagram profile, Tania Ruiz Eichelmann stated that she would not worry about something “that I already put in the hands of God”, because whatever it is “if it is in the hands of God, it is in the right place and it is perfect.”

So far so good, however, the following words alarmed his followers: “some people left, not all people are friends and many times we expect more than we sometimes receive”.

Several users of social networks deduced that the model was talking about a sentimental break with Peña grandson. The rumors continued to grow when he did not publish a photo with the 55-year-old politician, as he usually does on special dates.

The message from Tania Ruiz that “planted” doubt about a break in her love relationship with EPN.

For his part his ex-wife Angélica Rivera, celebrated the arrival of 2022 with the television producer “El Güero” Castro (brother of actress Verónica Castro), with her daughters Sofía, Fernanda and Regina, as well as with her first-born boyfriend.

It was also the actress Sofía Castro, who in the stories of her account on Instagram, shared a photograph that was taken aboard a luxurious yacht, where they had a pleasant family celebration to welcome the new year.

It should be remembered that “La Gaviota” spent Christmas at her home in California, United States, also with her ex-husband.

Angélica Rivera welcomed the new year with her daughters and whoever her spouse was.

It was in February 2019 when Angélica Rivera Hurtado announced her separation from Enrique Peña Nieto, a couple of months after ending his six-year term as President of Mexico. In a statement the former First Lady stated that “I have always lovingly given my husband my time and effort to fulfill his role as wife, partner and mother.”

Two months later Peña Nieto reported that his divorce from Angélica Rivera was official. “I want to thank Angélica for having been my partner, wife and friend for more than 10 years, today our marriage has legally concluded, I hope it goes well for her always.”

Before the divorce was made official, he was photographed by a paparazzi with Tania Ruiz in Madrid, Spain.

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In the case of Angélica Rivera, every time she reappears with the father of her daughters, speculations of a reconciliation arise, however, the same television producer has made it very clear that they are only very good friends, since they have a cute bond in common: their three daughters.