“Faded”: Selena Gómez suffered a tremendous accident at the SAG Awards 2022

United States.- The American singer and actress Selena Gomez surprised everyone with an unforgettable look during his attendance at the SAG Awards 2022, but there was a mishap that left everyone with their mouths open and very worried.

While the American artist walked the red carpet of the important ceremony completely “vanished” in front of all the media and those present, which led her to leave the place hand in hand with the attendance of the event.

Selena Gomez she looked most beautiful before the spotlights with an elegant black dress and impact makeup and hairstyle; everything was going perfectly when she suddenly twisted an ankle and fell instantly, getting up, without heels, she walked away from the cameras.

Everyone was very worried when they saw her fall in that way and the comments were immediately present on social networks, where the video went viral and sparked all kinds of opinions. Many assured that it was a small accident, but others argued that it was due to the disease he suffers from.

As will be remembered, the former Disney girl suffer from lupusa incurable disease that affects the immune system and to the organs, with which he has fought for years and has somewhat shown the havoc it has caused in his person.

And it was during the ceremony that many confirmed that this was the reason why she had such an unexpected fall on the red carpet, since when presenting one of the night’s awards she ended up going on stage barefoot, that is, without heels, although he did not speak of what had happened.

Many assure that Selena was left without one of her shoes because it broke while walking on the red carpet and others explain that she may have had a weak moment, although nothing has been confirmed on the subject, nor has the singer herself referred. , so it has remained as theories and opinions.

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