Failed cosmetic surgery leaves his double chin like an old chicken

AmericanPost.News brings the experience that a woman lives after having a failed cosmetic surgerythe female decided to expose the bad experience on social networks and now she has gone viral for having her neck as if it were the skin of a chicken.

Undoubtedly, cosmetic fixes mostly leave their clients satisfied, but in cases like the one that happened to a woman named Jayne Bowman, the situation was completely the opposite.

Jayne Bowman decided to have an intervention on her double chinWell, the native of Hampshire, England is not happy with the appearance of her neck, but the result was fatal.

Failed cosmetic surgery leaves a woman with chicken jowls

The danger of having surgery is that the results are not what you want. A failed cosmetic surgery leaves a woman with an old chicken neck.

The 59-year-old, originally from England, shared her reaction with the British newspaper The Sun, which immediately went viral. She underwent a non-surgical procedure, because going through an operating room was not an idea that she liked, fibroblast plasma, which serves to tighten the skin.

Jayne found the therapist specialized in this treatment through social networks and paid her 500 pounds (more than 12 thousand pesos) to remove her double chin, but now she feels that she looks like “an old chicken”, because her neck is full of small red scars.

I wish my neck was still hanging down; It was better than what I had left. This failed beauty treatment has left me in agony,” the woman told The Sun.

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How is the fibroblast plasma procedure?

A failed cosmetic surgery leaves a woman with an old chicken neck.

The Principle of Plasma Fibroblast is to ionize gases in the air to create a tiny electric arcwith which the dermal and epidermal areas that are affected by aesthetic problems can be treated without spreading unwanted heat to the surrounding areas.

Jayne says such a procedure does not “it was so painful, it burned like hell. I told the therapist that she was in agony, but she didn’t seem bothered, she told me that she had to continue or it wouldn’t work”.

After the unsuccessful cosmetic surgery, she applied cream to cure the burning, but she immediately developed scars in the form of points. Given this, the woman contacted the therapist, who offered her “light therapy” and “microneedles”, but nothing reversed her marks on her skin

“I don’t want to go outside anymore. I’m a recluse because I don’t want people to see my horrible scars. They look so ugly, I’m so angry,” Bowman said after the failed cosmetic surgery.

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