Faitelson defends the criticism of ‘Tata’ by Marcelo Flores: “He is not a messiah”

The Mexican team tied 2-2 with Chile in his last game in 2021, but the result fell into the background because many amateurs were dissatisfied with the decision of Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino just give eight minutes to Marcelo Flores placeholder image.

The Argentine coach defended his decision after the match by saying that he chose the footballers who should play.

David faitelson, a journalist for ESPN, also supported Martino’s decision to take care of him because he considers that he still has a short distance and that he needs to take him little by little.

Through Twitter, the commentator also criticized the attitude of fans by saying that Mexico does not “need a messiah” for it to transcend in world football.

The historical urgency to find the ‘savior’ of Mexican soccer. Marcelo Flores is a young boy with great conditions. So far nothing more. Let’s not “inflate” it, let’s not rush it, don’t push it. The only thing Gerardo Martino does is protect him, ”Faitelson wrote in the first of several tweets about it.

Given the possibility that Canada or England could take him away, Faitelson sent a ‘message’ to the Mexican Soccer Federation and to ‘Tata’ not to rush their process in case their father ‘threatens’ them.

And if Marcelo Flores and his dad get angry and decide to go to another team, then let them do it. This is not blackmail, neither Martino nor the Mexican National Team can allow it. It is a process and has its times, its rules, its moments. Your chance will come. Period ”, asserted the Mexican journalist.

Faitelson was forceful in explaining that Mexico will improve with a structured work plan and that a soccer player will not change years of mismanagement.

It seems that we still do not understand that this is not one or two footballers. It belongs to a team, the conviction to play under a style, to strengthen their group value, their personality. There will not be a ‘messiah’ who will lift us out of our soccer poverty, “said Faitelson.

El ‘Tri’ will resume its activity in January 2022 when it plays three knockout matches, two of them at home and without an audience due to the veto related to the homophobic cry.