Fake eyelashes viral video sparks outrage: Anuel AA aims Astrid Cuevas’ parenting choices

Urban singer Anuel AA recently took legal action against the mother of his son Pablo after she decided to put false eyelashes on him more than a month ago, who also said that she did not want to have a "macho" son.

The singer Anuel AA would have lashed out against his ex-partner Astrid Cuevas, also the mother of his son Pablo. More than a month ago, he was involved in a scandal after a viral video where he was shown dubbing a voice while proudly wearing false eyelashes.

At the same time, Cuevas was criticized on social networks for doing this kind of thing with her son, as she said that at home, she did not want to see any machismo. Therefore, the mother cared to show herself as a very proud person of what she was raising.

The comments on the publication were not made to wait because they did not see anything right that he did with Pablo. For some, it was simply playing with the sexuality of a person who would not yet be in the capacity that would not be in the capacity to be able to decide what he wants later in his life.

The little boy has been the object of ridicule, although, for some, it was the ideal moment to mention that he has a talent for acting.

“Just this is the video of the controversy between them,” “Innocent creature being used by a mother who ignores, to what level she can get with her schoolmates,” “I don’t see well that she is doing that’s why Anuel called her and insulted her, and then they come out very aggressive,” “At that age nobody knows about ANYTHING OF ANYTHING, if your mom you put eyelashes, well ok,” “That mother has no trade, let the child be himself,” “Mom doesn’t do that, don’t turn him into a female part, let him grow up and decide his sexuality,” “When he puts on dress and thong don’t scream,” “The mother is out of her mind,” “This is the dad’s fault for supporting what he unknowingly wants,” were some of the reactions that were recorded in the post.