Fake topless photos of Rosalía stir controversy, the singer expresses disgust

Rising tensions as Spanish artist Rosalía rebukes rapper JC Reyes's artificially created intimate images, sparking widespread fan support.

In recent hours, Rosalia became a trend in social networks after the rapper JC Reyes, leaked alleged intimate photographs of the singer, which made her furious, so she did not hesitate to clarify the situation and lash out against the aggression of which she was a victim.

In American Post News, we have let you know that singer Rosalía has been characterized as one of the most loved by the public, so cybernauts defended her against rapper JC Reyes after he released a series of photographs where the singer allegedly goes topless.

However, the singer did not remain silent and launched a direct attack against the rapper, assuring that she felt “disgusted” by him.

Rosalía is furious after fake photos leak.

Rosalía y JC Reyes
Rosalía reveals that the leaked photos are fake; rapper JC Reyes created them.

It was the rapper JC Reyes, who, on his social networks, shared a series of photographs in which Rosalía supposedly appears topless. Although they were censored, they went viral.

After the generated controversy, the rapper revealed that the photographs were unreal and created with Artificial Intelligence. However, this only generated the fury of cybernauts and the singer herself, one of the most beloved in the industry.

Through her Twitter, Rosalía broke her silence and lashed out against the rapper, highlighting that she was a victim of violence and confessing that she was “disgusted” by him, statements that were supported by her millions of fans:

“Going for clout, disrespecting and sexualizing someone is a type of violence, and it disgusts, but doing it for four plays too many, what it gives is a shame,” said the singer.

Due to the controversy, Rosalía has received hundreds of comments where cybernauts asked her to sue the rapper, who has not commented on the matter.

What made Rosalía famous?

Rosalía has become one of the most successful singers

She rose to fame thanks to the show “Tú sí que vales.” However, her career began at 7, and she has become one of the top representatives of Spanish music.

Rosalía has been in a relationship with Rauw Alejandro for three years and already has wedding plans, and they are one of the industry’s most beloved couples.