Falcao roared at Cádiz and scored for the third consecutive day in La Liga [Video]

Falcao roared at Cádiz and scored for the third consecutive day in La Liga [Video]

Photo: Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno / Getty Images

After two matches as a substitute against Getafe and Athletic Club de Bilbao, Radamel Falcao debuted his first title against Cádiz, in a duel that Rayo won and in which the Colombian did not miss his appointment with the roar of the goal for the third time in a row.

33 minutes distributed in the second half against Getafe and Athletic, in addition to scoring goals in both, was enough for Andoni Iraola to check the state of form of Falcao and the implication with a sport project far from titles and with a more modest objective, the permanence in the Spanish League.

The Madrid club gave the sensation of wanting to warm up the atmosphere by wrapping up its star and, before the opening whistle, cumbia music sounded during the warm-up, a very characteristic style of Colombian folklore.

Falcao He jumped as a starter to the Vallecas lawn and in his first interventions he already showed that he was hungry. He was participative, he ran from side to side and did not tire of looking to uncheck and ask for the ball, especially from Álvaro García and Isi Palazón, the two extremes of Rayo with whom he seems to understand perfectly.

The scoring was opened by Rayo in the eighth minute with a good play on the right side in which Falcao participated. The Argentine Oscar Trejo combined with Iván Balliu and put a center that the Colombian finished off and that Jeremías Ledesma took out in the first instance. Álvaro García was quick to reject it to pick it up and score at will.

Then, just one minute before regulation time for half-time, Falcao did not fail. He anticipated the defender who covered him to finish off a goal in the small area a center from the right of Iván Balliu.

It was that moment when the nearly six thousand fans who came to the stadium went into ecstasy chanting his name. Scarves in the air but also with Colombian flags and yellow shirts of the coffee team.

In the second half, Falcao was able to expand his scoring figure with two consecutive occasions that were a carbon copy. In both he finished crossed in anticipation of his marker and both were successfully cleared by Argentine Jeremías Ledesma under sticks.

That mobility that the Colombian demonstrated in attack despaired the defenders of Cádiz, who sometimes ended up losing their nerves, as when Juan Cala, at 55 minutes, hit him on the back of the neck that earned him a yellow card and left the striker del Rayo lying on the grass for a few moments.

The work and attitude of Falcao was recognized by Rayo fans, who cheered him when, at 63 minutes, he was replaced by Frenchman Randy Nteka, who took his place at the top of the attack. End of the party for a game, and there are already three in a row, in which the new ‘tiger’ from Vallecas roared again and Rayo celebrated a new triumph.