Familia Michoacana leader Juan Carlos M. V., AKA El Pariente, arrested in Metepec

After from a decade of freedom, the notorious 'El Pariente' gets arrested again, signaling turbulence in Familia Michoacana's reign.

Juan Carlos M. V., a man with the alias “El Pariente” and identified as the head of the Familia Michoacana criminal group, has been arrested. The National Registry of Arrests shows that he was arrested on Wednesday, July 12 in Metepec, Mexico.

Elements of the State Police carried out his capture, and he is currently located in the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico(FGJEM), according to official records, which also detailed that the arrest was made in the Santa Cruz neighborhood shortly before 5:00 in the afternoon.

It is worth noting that in an audiovisual material of the then Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico, this person appears after he was arrested years ago and mentions that he is dedicated to organized crime and is identified as “plaza boss,” while newspaper reports indicate that he is related to the Familia Michoacana.

Detención de "El Pariente"
Arrest of "El Pariente" (The Relative)
(Photo: SSPC)
Arrest of “El Pariente” (Photo: SSPC)

For his part, journalist Antonio Nieto shared information about the capo through his Twitter account. He detailed that the recently arrested man had already been captured in 2012 and was released in 2022.

He also identified him as a leader within the Familia Michoacana criminal organization. Meanwhile, media reports indicated that El Pariente was dedicated to charging “derecho de piso” and extorting businessmen.

El Pariente operated in different municipalities in the state of Edomex and was known for using violence and his taste for luxury, as documented by El Universal. In another 2017 article, La Jornada reported a 30-year prison sentence for a leader of the Familia Michoacana. On that occasion, it spoke of Emmanuel Díaz Ríos, who was identified as El Pariente‘s brother-in-law.