Familia Michoacana leaves brutal mark in Toluca, local businesses deny involvement

Organized crime raises tension in Toluca, as notorious Familia Michoacana threatens a 'cleansing' of meth dealers amid public denials of involvement.

Dismembered bodies and messages signed by an organized crime group were found in various parts of Estado de México (Edomex) on Wednesday, July 5, attributed to the Familia Michoacana.

Among the multiple findings was a black bag containing human remains on Tule Street in the Lomas Altas neighborhood, on the outskirts of the Historic Center of Toluca. At that point, a couple of posters signed by a man identified as “Comandante Pecha” of the Familia Michoacana were found.

The messages were addressed to a woman named Laura Paulin and a man called “Mr. Yamin.” They indicated they knew about the newspaper and the hotel they managed in Mexico. However, the warnings were for their son Juan Carlos Yamin Paulin, whom they accused of being an alleged “murderer, kidnapper and extortionist.”

“We know about your hotel San Simon and your newspaper, 8 Columnas. There we leave a present for your son Juan Carlos Tamin Paulin. Michoacan Family. Cmdt. Pecha (sic),” reads one of the messages displayed.

El periódico 8 Columnas y el hotel Don Simón descartaron estar relacionados con las personas mencionadas en el mensaje firmado por la Familia Michoacana (Foto: Twitter@8columnasmx)
The newspaper 8 Columnas and the hotel Don Simón denied being related to the people mentioned in the message signed by the Familia Michoacana (Photo: Twitter@8columnasmx).

The other green poster board stated: “This is not against you. We know the government protects you. We are here for your son. In response to these messages, both the media outlet 8 Columnas and the hotel Don Simón – as it is called – published a couple of communiqués in which they assured they did not know the people mentioned on the posters.

The Board of Directors of the Toluca-based newspaper indicated that throughout 48 years, they have acted within the legal and ethical framework. Therefore they assured to be against violence in any of its manifestations.

“For this editorial house, it is of utmost relevance to dissociate ourselves from any relationship with Dr. José Antonio Yamin Sesin, Mrs. Laura Zita Paulin, and Mr. Juan Carlos Yamin Paulin after demonstrations against them appeared this morning in different parts of the Toluca Valley,” it was expressed.

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Although the newspaper 8 Columnas assured that it had no relationship with the persons mentioned above, on June 30, 2020, it announced that Juan Gabriel González Cruz and Ismael Alemán Jasso would be the new director and deputy director of the newspaper. The note’s end read: “Sincerely: Don José Yamin Duahe, founding president; Dr. José Yamin Sesin and Lic. Simón Yamin Faure, presidents editors; Emilio Yamin Faure, vice-president editor.”

However, it is unknown if Dr. José Yamin Sesin will continue collaborating with the newspaper.

La mañana del miércoles 5 de julio fueron hallados restos humanos colgados de un puente peatonal en la ciudad de Toluca (Foto: Archivo)
On Wednesday morning, July 5, human remains were found hanging from a pedestrian bridge in Toluca (Photo: Archive).

A similar message was issued by the administration of the Don Simón hotel -which opened its doors in 2000- as it was mentioned that they have always maintained their commitment to being a “trustworthy reference in the hotel industry.”

“As an establishment committed to the community, we completely disassociate ourselves from the actions involving the persons above and reaffirm our commitment to continue operating under the principles of integrity and legality that have characterized us,” it was stated.

In addition to the discovery in the Lomas Altas neighborhood, human remains were found on a pedestrian bridge on Paseo Tollocan in front of the Faculty of Humanities of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico(UAEMEX).

Next to them was also a poster with an intimidating message signed by the Familia Michoacana. It should be recalled that this criminal group shared a video last week in which they warned of a “cleansing” of crystal meth dealers in the municipalities of Metepec, San Mateo Atenco, Chapultepec, and Mexicaltzingo.