Families demand the release of 21 kidnapped by the Los Machetes gang in Chiapas

Families demand the release of 21 kidnapped by the Los Machetes gang in Chiapas

Relatives of 21 people who disappeared on July 26 demonstrated asking the authorities to advance the investigations and protect the families.

Photo: Carlos López / EFE

Relatives of 21 people kidnapped on July 26 demonstrated in San Cristóbal de las Casas, in the Mexican state of Chiapas, demanding their release and asking the authorities to advance their investigations and protect the families.

Family members indicated that on July 26, 21 people were kidnapped in the municipality of Pantelhó during a looting and burning of houses by a group of people allegedly residents and self-defense groups belonging to the Los Machetes group, who destroyed the houses.

About 80 protesters arrived today at the Palace of Justice, where they spread some banners with claims such as “Help me Mr. President, so that we can see you again“Or” we were kidnapped by the Machete Group in Pantelhó Chiapas. “

During the demonstration, some relatives of the disappeared shared their cases, but others they preferred not to speak, as they said they had been threatened with death.

Odilda Hidalgo, originally from Pantelhó, installed several banners in front of the Palace of Justice, demanding justice for the disappearance of her husband Filiberto Aguilar and her son Filiberto Organdí.

My family is innocent“, He told Efe.

I ask for the release of my son and my husband because I have not heard from them for more than 45 days., The Machetes took them. They entered my home that day with machetes and sticks and took them away, I just want them to return to me, President López Obrador, help us in the search, ”said Hidalgo.

Another of the attendees was Rosario Moreno, whose son Luis Fernando, 25, also remains missing.

“I also want my son to be returned to me, since that day I have not seen him. A lawsuit has already been filed and there is no progress, they do not tell us anything, that they show us a video that they are alive ”, he shared.

“The situation is tense in Pantelhó, for those of us who live in the municipal seat, for those of us who are looking for our relatives. We have requested the presentation of the 21 people to the Municipal Council formed on August 19 (for this purpose) but they do not solve anything for us either, they affirm that they do not know anything, ”Moreno continued.

After an hour in front of the Palace, most of the relatives left the place, stating that they will continue with the demand for the “presentation alive”From their relatives, and very few remained in the area to wait for a response from the authorities.

It is the first time that the relatives of the 21 who disappeared on July 26 have taken to the streets to demonstrate, since, they assured, most of them received threats.

According to relatives, on July 26 members of The Machetes took 21 people from the town in his search for people belonging to or allies of the Los Herrera group.

That day they looted shops, burned vehicles and took practically the entire town. As they consider, they could have been taken to other nearby communities.

Proclaimed as “Self-defense of the Los Machetes People”, the group appeared last July at a local assembly with assault rifles and machetes.

As they said then, formed to expel hitmen, drug traffickers and organized crime in defense of the indigenous peasants of the area.

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