Family arrested for sex trafficking in Sayville Motor Lodge motel in Long Island

The owner of a motel in Long Island (NY), his wife, his son and an employee were accused of allowing sex trafficking in his facilities, receiving money from pimps and drug dealers

The owner of a Long Island (NY) motel, his wife, his son, and an employee were arrested and charged with allowing sex trafficking on the premises.

The “Sayville Motor Lodge” establishment in Islip was raided Wednesday by federal officials and shut down by the town in New York’s Suffolk County.

Narendarakuma Dadarwala, 76, his wife Sharda Dadarwala (69), son Jigar Dadarwala (44), and an unidentified employee of the motel are accused of receiving money from alleged pimps and drug dealers in exchange for keeping their crimes secret.

Federal authorities say the owners helped facilitate the alleged actions by deliberately giving them rooms in the back of the lodge so they would not be seen and by warning them if police were on the property.

According to prosecutors, an underage prostitute was being exploited at the motel on at least one occasion. “As alleged, the defendants made “Sayville Motor Lodge” a lucrative haven for prostitution and drug trafficking, and a blight on the surrounding community,” Breon Peace, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, said in a statement, quoted by the Long Island Press.

The mother and father were released Wednesday on $2 million bail. Their son was held without bail, and the employee was arrested Monday in Omaha, Nebraska. The suspects face a minimum of 15 years to life in prison if convicted.

“I’m glad they’re closing them down,” neighbor Leighann Mulholland told News 12, while others who lived permanently at the motel said they never saw anything suspicious and regret being left on the street.

In a similar case, in June, a Hispanic couple was prosecuted in Manhattan (NYC) for using violence to coerce women into prostitution and selling sexual content on OnlyFans.

In February, Birmania “Nancy” Rincon, a former Teaneck (NJ) resident who had fled to Colombia, was arrested upon her return to the country on suspicion of running a prostitution ring in New York and New Jersey with Latina women. That same month five members of a Mexican family operating a family sex trafficking ring from Mexico to NY and other states were sentenced to lengthy prison terms.

A year ago, Queens (NYC) District Attorney Melinda Katz warned that much of the sex trafficking activity occurs near transportation hubs, including airports. And she noted that hotels “give a sense of anonymity.” Queens has repeatedly been called the capital of prostitution disguised as massage in the US.

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