Famous “Dragon Ball” dubbing actor dies

  • The death of famous voice actor is announced
  • This is Cris Ayres, who voiced Freezer in the United States
  • The actor’s girlfriend claims he was the kindest and gentlest being of all

“My world went dark.” The unfortunate death of famous voice actor known for appearing in the Japanese manga “Dragon Ball” at the age of 56 is revealed. It is about actor Chris Ayres, who voiced one of the main villains and emperor named Freeza.

It was through the social networks of his girlfriend, the also dubbing actress, Krystal LaPorte, where the death of this actor at 56 years old was announced, causing great consternation in the world of comics and the faithful fans of the series of the adventures of Goku in the comic “Dragon Ball”.

Cris Ayres passed away peacefully and surrounded by his family; The death of famous dubbing actor of “Dragon Ball” at 56 years old is announced

PHOTO: Twitter

Through her official Twitter account, the voice actress, Krystal LaPorte reported this unfortunate death, sending an official statement to the faithful fans and friends of the late voice actor, informing that Cris had died peacefully and surrounded by his entire family :

“On October 18 at 8:40 pm my world went dark,” he began with his statement. “Christopher Owen Ayres passed away in peace, close to his mother, brother and his girlfriend” (…) “His face was kissed, his hands were held. We played, we listened to the song that would be played at our wedding to dance our first dance, his mother and brother told him a story as a child, and he left ”, he wrote.

His girlfriend claims that she doesn’t know how she will live in a world without him; Dies of famous “Dragon Ball” voice actor at 56

His girlfriend claims that she doesn't know how she will live in a world without him;  The death of famous dubbing actor of
PHOTO: Twitter

After these words, Krystal LaPorte, girlfriend of the late voice actor, known for participating in the “Dragon Ball” comic, reported that he will not know how to start living in a world without him: “I have never lived in a world where Chris not this. I am afraid of that. So much humanity, kindness, compassion, generosity, concentrated in one man. Everything feels too cold. “

Later, the actress confessed that she will miss everything about him, from his face to his voice: “Chris, I miss your face, your voice, I miss your hugs. I can’t even begin to understand that I will no longer walk through that door and no longer hear “Hello beautiful girl.” I miss being your girl and I miss you. “

Wishes you a safe journey; famous dubbing actor of “Dragon Ball” at age 56 loses his life

Wishes you a safe journey;  The death of famous dubbing actor of
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To finish with her statement, the voice actress, Krystal LaPorte wished “her dear Chris” a good trip, asking him that wherever he was he would be happy and at peace, dancing as he always did and taking a deep breath with your lungs healthy and recovered:

“I hope that wherever you are the first thing you do is take a long, deep breath with your perfect lungs and dance again. I hope you can see all the people and animals that I know you miss a lot (…) I know that many people are reading this, and they will be wondering is there anything I can do? Please be more like Chris, if you learned anything from him, put him in this world. He needs it ”, he concluded with his statement.

Had terminal stage of chronic illness

He had a terminal stage of a chronic illness;  The death of famous dubbing actor of
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Despite the fact that Krystal LaPonte, girlfriend of the late actor did not report the causes of his death during his statement, The New York Post portal reported that the dubbing actor suffered from various problems with his lungs, being in 2017 when it was reported who had end-stage obstructive heart disease.

For its part, the SinEmbargo portal reported that for several days the American actor Cris Ayres was operated on in a hospital for several days due to this same disease, for which he also underwent various surgeries that considerably weakened his health.

Appeared in multiple Dragon Ball productions

He appeared in multiple Dragon Ball productions;  The death of famous dubbing actor of
PHOTO: Capture Go Fund Me

Throughout his career, the Virginia-born voice actor caused a sensation in the Dragon Ball universe by appearing in several of its productions, and that is, in addition to playing the villain Freeza in this comic, he also lent his voice to the movie “Dragon Ball Super: Broly”, as well as for various video games.

It should be noted that it was in 2020 when family and friends created a GoFoundMe account, which was to help Chris Ayres and his family to pay for a vital double lung transplant for the late voice actor. Until that moment, more than $ 75,000 had been raised. YOU CAN SEE THE COMMUNICATION FROM HIS GIRLFRIEND HERE

The first actor Miguel Palmer dies after suffering 2 cardiac arrests

PHOTO: Mezcalent

At 78 years of age, and after several months of struggling to regain his health, the first actor Miguel Palmer dies after suffering 2 cardiac arrests after living in abandonment at his home in Mexico City. Just a week ago, he had been operated on for toxic megacolon. His daughter Valeria Palmer tearfully told the Ventaneando cameras: “Today I can say that the best man in the world went to heaven. Oh… I didn’t know it was such a great pain to lose a father, but now he’s going to do his classic theater in heaven, thanks to all the audience, their prayers, their masses, everything they did to raise my dad ”.

It was his daughter, also actress Valeria Palmer, who made this sad news known through her official Facebook page. Just a few days ago, blood donors of any kind had been requested for Ángel Palomera Gonzalí, the actor’s real name.

They regret the news of the death of Miguel Palmer

PHOTO: Agenica Reforma

Shortly after three in the afternoon today, Miguel Palmer’s daughter wrote the following: “Bye pa, find your light. I stay in this plane with the injection of love that you leave me in my soul and my guts. The best father in the world is resting. Start a new story for you. Goodbye pa… ”.

The condolences were soon present: “I am very sorry for this news, OK. But I think today is better! I send you a very strong hug “,” May God receive him in his bed and have him in his holy glory … “,” We hug you, Valeria, it was not left to you, God receive him in his glory. “

Rest in peace, Miguel Palmer; “He was a great actor”

PHOTO: Reform Agency

Immediately after the death of first actor Miguel Palmer was reported, social media users expressed their condolences and something else. A netizen expressed herself like this about the actor: “Actorazo, gorgeous, manly… of those who no longer exist. Rest in peace”.

“Unfortunately, the entertainment world lost a great star: the actor Miguel Palmer”, “May my dearest Miguel Palmer rest in peace, my Colonel Pickering. Generous companion and great actor, great guy on and off the scene. See you soon! ”, Could be read in the comments of several users on social networks.

They wanted to move him from the hospital

PHOTO: Mezcalent

Last September, it was reported that, due to the third wave of Covid-19, actor Miguel Palmer had not been able to be transferred to the Salvador Zubirán National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition. For this reason, his daughter Valeria Palmer was evaluating moving him to another hospital, where the actor would continue his treatment for dehydration and malnutrition.

“On September 2, he completed five months (of being hospitalized). He is stable, his doctors are working to see what is next because the entrance to the Nutrition Hospital is a bit too much for us. The doctors themselves are the ones who are telling me that it is now necessary to change it. The papers have already been entered at the Institute two months ago and I have been going two or three times a week. The point is that there are no beds, ”said Valeria Palmer.

Valeria Palmer denounced the sentimental partner of Miguel Palmer

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A few months ago, Valeria formally denounced Edith Kleiman, her father’s romantic partner since 2006, for alleged mistreatment and abuse. Kleiman said that at the beginning of the pandemic he moved away from Miguel Palmer because she had been infected with Covid-19 and that he later injured his ankle, so he preferred not to return to his partner’s house.

Valeria stated on this occasion that she spoke with her father on October 26 of last year, and that afterwards, Kleiman did not allow her to communicate with him. However, she was able to see him in April, and it was then that she discovered that the actor was in poor health.