Fan of Los Recoditos licks the chest of one of the members in full concert

One of the followers of Los Recoditos band in one of his most recent concerts of this group he stole the show and what follows. The woman was dancing in a very sensual way and even threw herself on the floor to emulate the singer Anittamoving his hips up and down, but the most surprising moment came when he opened the shirt of one of the members of the group and licked his chest while he stood still, but with a face of not knowing very well what to do.

Los Recoditos have shared the video on their Instagram account along with the message: “And why do you want to go to that concert so much? Well…“. It is obvious that they took the whole situation with a great sense of humor to pamper his fan, who seemed to be having a great time during his five minutes of fame.

Maluma has also been in the news for this type of situation, although he has limited himself to kissing them or allowing himself to be kissed. Fact that to this day none of the followers or admirers of him have reproached him, on the contrary. It seems that they expect this kind of thing to happen, with the desire to be the chosen one of the night.

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