Fans accuse Ticketmaster of prioritizing resellers for Dua Lipa concert in CDMX

Pop superstar Dua Lipa will arrive in Mexico on September 21, 2022 (Photo: Instagram / @ dualipa)

After much speculation about the absence of the interpreter of Don´t Start Now in Latin America and the tour that bears the same name as his Grammy winning record in the category “Best Pop Album”, a few days ago it became official that Dua Lipa will come to Mexico to give two concerts as part of his world tour Future Nostalgia Tour. Monterrey and Mexico City were the selected venues with only one date for each, leaving Guadalajara outside and this being the first controversy.

On December 14, a pre-sale began for VIP customers from a bank in the country and while a reasonable number of fans were able to get their tickets, many more were left out for no reason. The official presale began today December 15 and despite the fact that many fans lined up virtual on the official page of Ticketmaster for hours, just a few minutes after starting the sale there were no tickets.

Dua Lipa
This is how OCESA announced the return of the British to Mexico (Photo: Screenshot of Instagram / @ ocesa)

Although in social networks some fans clarified that they did manage to buy their tickets, the vast majority did not manage to buy anything in any area of ​​the venue that will be the Sun Forum. The ticket distributor’s social networks have been saturated with accusations in which it was mentioned that ticket resellers had been given priority over fans themselves.

“I was trained since 9 in the morning and There were only 98 people in front of me in the virtual queue and at 11:02 that he let me in there was no longer a ticket“,” Absurd that for hours I waited in line and they did not spend not even 5 minutes and there was nothing, it doesn’t make sense “,” Once again Ticketmaster gave priority to resellers over their customers “,”Ticketmaster mob with resellers it is always clear with this kind of thing “,” You better tell them we buy direct from resellers and we do not waste time on your page which is rubbish, ”wrote fans.

Dua Lipa in Mexico
Fans accuse Ticketmaster of prioritizing resellers (Photo: Instagram / @ dualipa)

The complaints made the matter go viral and on Twitter fans of the singer of hits such as New Rules, One kiss or Scared to be lonely made #TicketmasterRevenderos a trend nationwide. His account on said platform was also bombed:

“Better tell us what let’s look directly for resellers because it is obvious that with you and your horrible corrupt system there is nothing ”,“ Incredible that we still trust your system where for years they apply the same to us and give them to resellers in order to do good business ”,“ No they like to earn our money directly but yes, the resellers who are going to double or triple the price of a ticket just because you have that agreement with them”, They expressed.

Fans wait for another date to open REUTERS / Henry Nicholls
Fans wait for another date to open REUTERS / Henry Nicholls (HENRY NICHOLLS /)

Despite the fact that the venue has a capacity for more than 50 thousand people, lThe demand for tickets to this concert seems to have been overstated and underrated. by the ticket company and Ocesa who are responsible for hiring, producing and organizing the concerts of artists who tour in the country.

Even if the absence of a date in Jalisco, Guadalajara could have been a reason for the increased demand for tickets, Dua Lipa fans look forward to new dates opening in both cities:

“I am sure they will not apply it as with Shawn mendes that according to it was only a date and ended up giving 3 ″, “Let’s not lose hope that more dates will open”, “One or two more dates and everyone is happy and happy”, they wrote.


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