Fans of Carmen Villalobos do not understand the words that Carolina Sandoval dedicated to the Colombian actress

Rumors have been circulating for several months that Carmen Villalobos and Sebastian Caicedo They were no longer a couple, since both published solo photos through their social networks and it is until now that the actress has broken the silence to validate these speculations, according to the Mezwarm site.

Before the announcement of Carmen Villalobos, many celebrities sent messages of love and affection to the Colombian, thus showing their support. Among these was also that of Carolina Sandoval who told him: “Seize the day”, making use of an old Latin adage that she prays like this: “Carpe Diem”.

Other valid translations would also be: “Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today” or “live every moment of your life as if it were the last”.

All this generated a discussion among the fans of the Colombian actress who questioned the message of “La Venenosa”, while others simply confirmed the translation into Spanish. Here is the video with the message from Carmen Villalobos and Carolina Sandoval’s response.

Regarding their separation, this was what Carmen Villalobos had to say to her fans: “I am here to confirm that Sebastián and I have made the decision to separate for some time now. After more than thirteen years of relationship and after thinking about it a lot we understood that it is best to take different paths”.

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