Fans speculate about Lupillo Rivera and Geraldine Bazán’s relationship as he readies a poignant new album

Lupillo Rivera sparks rumors of romance with Televisa actress Geraldine Bazán and reveals emotional album dedicated to past relationships.

Lupillo Rivera is no stranger to the spotlight and this time he’s causing a buzz not because of his music but due to rumors surrounding his personal life. Rivera, known for his regional Mexican songs, is now linked to a Televisa actress, and the story is unfolding on social media.

The rumor began to spread when Rivera himself posted a picture of him holding his cell phone. Displayed on the screen was a photo of actress Geraldine Bazán. Alongside the image, Rivera penned a caption that read, “Don’t look at me like that, Geraldine.” Such public displays raise eyebrows as fans and media alike speculate on the nature of their relationship.

Revelan romance de Lupillo Rivero con Geraldine Bazán, una foto los delató
Lupillo Rivero’s romance with Geraldine Bazán is revealed. A photo gave them away

However, in a twist, Rivera has also been making headlines for his upcoming musical endeavors. Embracing a style reminiscent of Shakira, he’s preparing to launch an album filled with heart-wrenching tracks dedicated to his past relationships. One song, in particular, promises to reveal the details of his relationship with singer Belinda, shedding light on the pain he felt when she moved on to date Christian Nodal. “It is an album dedicated to the partners I have had in my life, to the important women in my life, so it is a very interesting parade of songs,” Rivera shared in a recent interview with American Post News.

Returning to the budding romance saga, Rivera’s public appreciation for Bazán hasn’t gone unnoticed. He once commented on a photograph of Geraldine Bazán, suggesting that her captivating gaze had won his heart. He hinted, “With that killer look, she is capable of stealing my heart.”

Lupillo wants to bill with revenge repertoire

Revelan romance de Lupillo Rivero con Geraldine Bazán, una foto los delató
Lupillo wants to bill with songs for his exes

However, Rivera has attempted to put a damper on the wildfire of gossip. He’s insisted in media interactions that there’s no romantic involvement between them. Highlighting his respect for Bazán, he expressed no intention of pursuing a relationship, believing it would be an impossible endeavor. This sentiment was echoed when he mentioned how the beauty of Gabriel Soto’s ex-partner had left him utterly enchanted.

Yet, amidst all the denials and clarifications, the underlying truth remains elusive. While Rivera claims there’s no romance, his social media interactions with Bazán suggest a different narrative. Only time will tell if these two celebrities decide to take their friendship to the next level or keep it strictly platonic.