Fans speculate on Peso Pluma’s involvement in Bellakath’s soon-to-release “Kittyponeo”

Bellakath teases a special collaboration for "Kittyponeo." Fans speculate Peso Pluma's involvement. Release set for October 5th.

New York.- The music world is buzzing with anticipation for the return of Bellakath, the singer renowned for hits like “Gatita,” “Y yo me le pego,” and “Papi quiero perrear.” As October 5th approaches the release date for her upcoming album “Kittyponeo,” fans find it hard to contain their excitement.

Using her official Instagram platform, where she boasts over 1.6 million followers, Bellakath dropped the release date for “Kittyponeo” alongside the provocative message: “to respect the jangueo queen” (pa que respeten a la reina del jangueo). This revelation triggered her followers, eager to hear her newest tracks in just under a month.

The Collaboration Mystery

However, the hint at a special collaboration featured on the album has stirred even more intrigue. While Bellakath has kept the identity of the collaborating artist under wraps, whispers suggest it could be none other than Peso Pluma, a global sensation in the world of ‘corridos tumbados.’

During a Q&A session on Instagram, Bellakath challenged her fans to guess the collaborator for “Kittyponeo.” One name that quickly made the rounds was Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, better known by his stage names, Doble P or Peso Pluma. As fans pressed for the truth, Bellakath shared a playful selfie with the “Ella Baila Sola” singer.

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Peso Pluma and Bellakath

In the picture, Bellakath is seen kissing the camera while Peso Pluma strikes a pose, tongue out and all, showcasing their signature styles. The caption teasingly read: “Quisieran????” While the post sent fans of both artists into a tizzy, neither has formally confirmed or denied the collaboration.

Fans Speculate Further Collaborations

While the potential duet with Peso Pluma remains the talk of the town, there’s also been chatter about who else might feature on Bellakath’s album. Some of the names floated by fans include Yailín la más viral, Dani Flowmx, and even the possibility of a “Gatita” remix with MS Nina. But true to form, Bellakath keeps the cards close to her chest, neither confirming nor dismissing any of these speculations.

The air of mystery surrounding the collaborations on “Kittyponeo” has only fueled fans’ anticipation. They’re on tenterhooks, keen to discover the surprises Bellakath has in store in her new album. And the burning question remains: will the featured talent be from Mexico or the international scene? Only time will tell.