Fans surprise Danna Paola with a great birthday present and this is how she reacted

This June 23 Danna Paola is celebrating his birthday 27 and her friends, partner and followers have sent their congratulations and good wishes for this special date, however, it was her fans who surprised her with a great gift.

In AmericanPost.News We have let you know that the singer has shared her emotion for her 27th birthday and even changed her profile picture on social networks, before the important date.

Similarly, various colleagues and friends have taken the opportunity to remind her of the love they feel for her, who has become one of the most successful singers.

Fans of Danna Paola surprise her with a great gift

However, those who gave Danna Paola a great gift were her fans, because on social networks they warned her that they dedicated a spectacular to her on Avenida Ejército Nacional 556, Polanco, with a message of congratulations.

“From all your Dreamers from different parts of Mexico to Bolivia,” reads the fan post.

For her part, the singer Danna Paola was surprised and replied: “QUEEEEE thanks, really thanks Ufff they blew it heavy!”

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Danna Paola and her boyfriend

Alex Hoyer dedicates an emotional message of congratulations to Danna Paola.

The message that most moved the fans of the singer Danna Paola, was from her boyfriend Alex Hoyer, who emphasized the great love he feels for the famous.

“To my favorite person in this world. Happy Birthday! You are the most beautiful thing that happened to me in this life, I wish you everything that makes you happy in this world, you are a being to admire in every way. Keep shining. I love you,” she wrote.

For your part Danna Paola He has shared the congratulatory messages from his friends and showed part of his celebration.

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