Fans want Andrew Garfield as the new “Joker” This is what he would look like!

Andrew Garfield he knows his fans wish him to be the Joker of the new movies live action from DC Comicshave even begun to circulate several fanarts showing what the actor would look like in the villain’s makeup Gotham.

An animated fanart from the user of Instagram @g_reenzo showed how unrecognizable Garfield looks as the Joker for the possible sequel to The batman from Robert Pattinson which will hit theaters next year.

After a new look at Robert Pattinson in The Batman was revealed, fans created their own images of Garfield as the most famous villain in the world. Dark Knight, which we present below.

Would Andrew Garfield be the Joker?

During a special capsule with CQ for Youtube, “Andrew Garfield Responds to Fans on the Internet”, the actor responded to a question from fans about whether he would accept to give life to the Joker with Robert Pattinson.

“No, no way. I wouldn’t go near it. It’s very sweet of you to think it’s possible, but I don’t think I can ever do it because of what Heath Ledger did, what Jack Nicholson did and of course Joaquin Phoenix did his own. genius”.

In addition to the seemingly few chances that he will give life to Joker, fans also wonder if Spider-Man: No Way Home could have Andrew Garfield after several leaks, supposedly false.

How old is Andrew Garfield when filming Spiderman?

Andrew Garfield gave life to Spiderman

Although he gave life to a Peter parker teenager, Andrew Garfield was 29 years old when he starred The amazing spiderman in 2012, and 38 years old on his possible return with Spider-Man: No Way Home.

How we reveal you in AmericanPost.News Previously, Andrew Garfield insists that he will not be in Spider-Man No Way, nor does he intend to bring the Joker to life, out of respect for portrayals of past actors.

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