Farewell to a star: ASTRO’s Moon Bin’s sudden death at 25 sparks speculation

ASTRO mourns loss of Moon Bin; police find him lifeless in Gangnam home, sparking speculation. Fans pay tribute & urge mental health awareness.

Moon Bin, the 25-year-old singer in the K-Pop group ASTRO, died on April 19. Through information released by the Seoul Police, it was reported that the singer Moon Bin was found lifeless at his home in Gangnam.

We tell you who was the ASTRO singer that his death has raised suspicions because of his age and sudden death.

Moon Bin, ASTRO’s singer, died at 25 years old.

A few hours ago, through a statement by Fantagio record label, it was released that Moon Bin “is one more star in the sky” as he was found lifeless at 25.

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Moon Bin, ASTRO’s singer (@moon_ko_ng)

In the statement shared, the label refrains from speculation. However, the same Seoul police reported that he was lifeless at his home in Gangnam.

Likewise, Fantagio asked for respect from Moon Bin’s family to avoid speculations and harmful comments to the ASTRO member’s family members.

However, the police said they received the call from his manager, who found him, and named, “It seems that Moonbin took his own life.”

On the other hand, it is known that Moon Bin’s funeral will be held privately and quietly, with only family, colleagues, and close friends in attendance.

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Moon Bin, singer of ASTRO (@moon_ko_ng)

Moon Bin: ASTRO member’s death has sparked speculation.

The sudden death that Moon Bin had in the middle of the announcement of his Latin American tour with the duet MOOBIN&SANHA has already led to speculations.

Although the record label asked to leave this aside, his young age and the fact that he was found in his house by the police have led to many deductions.

At the moment, Moon Bin is trending on social networks due to the number of messages of mourning from his fandom and those who ask to take care of their mental health.

Recall that in 2019, ASTRO’s record label shared that Moon Bin had health problems so he would take a break.

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It was revealed that ASTRO’s Moon Bin went to the doctor for ailments, and the doctor ordered him to take a rest and absolute rest.

Sometime later, she returned to her singing steps and planned her 2023 tour as a solo artist and then as part of KAMP in Mexico.

Who was Moon bin, the member of ASTRO, who died at the age of 25?

Moon Bin‘s death has left a big mourning in the K-Pop scene because he also launched a duo besides being a member of ASTRO.

Moon Bin was born on January 26, 1998, in Cheongju, located in South Korea. He studied at Hanlim Multi Art School.

Although he performed as a lead singer, he was also a dancer, model, and actor.

Moon bin started his career in 2009, also showing his piano talent.

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Moon Bin, singer of ASTRO (@moon_ko_ng).

Although the singer belonged to ASTRO, he also decided to undertake a duet tour with SANHA, bringing him to Mexico at the Metropolitan Theater on June 7, 2023.

On the other hand, it was known that Moon Bin would also perform in KAMP with this new duet he had formed.

Moon Bin made a single song on ASTRO’s latest album, ‘Footprint.’

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