Father Jumps to Death with 5-Year-Old Son from Metro Station in Monterrey

A father, 31, and his young son plunged 20 meters at Monterrey Metro, resulting in the father's death and the son's critical injury.

A tragic event unfolded on Saturday afternoon at the Félix U. Gómez station on Line 3 of the Monterrey Metro. A 31-year-old father, Mauricio, suddenly grabbed his 5 to 6-year-old son and jumped over the platform railing, plunging approximately 20 meters to the ground below.

Metrorrey, the company responsible for operating the metro system, said witnesses reported seeing the man deliberately leap into the void with the child in an apparent murder-suicide attempt.

Father Pronounced Dead; Son Hospitalized

Authorities said the father was transported to University Hospital, where he was pronounced dead from injuries sustained in the fall. Meanwhile, the young boy was admitted to Hospital Zone 21 of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) in critical condition.

Officers from the Monterrey Police and Transit departments closed southbound traffic while state investigators gathered evidence to determine the circumstances leading up to the father’s tragic decision.

Atención tras el accidente. (Horaceroweb)
Attention after the accident (Horaceroweb)

Man Suffered from Anxiety, According to Reports

Further details have emerged, identifying the deceased man as 35-year-old Cruz Mauricio Miros Fonseca. Authorities believe he suffered from anxiety and experienced a severe crisis that led him to jump off the platform with his 6-year-old son, also named Mauricio.

The child was wearing a backpack at the time, which helped cushion the impact of the fall. Nevertheless, he remains hospitalized at IMSS Clinic 21.

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Exact Sequence of Events Still Unclear

The plunge occurred Saturday afternoon around 6:40 pm at the Félix U. Gómez station on Metro Line 3, located at the intersection of Félix U. Gómez and Colón Avenues in downtown Monterrey.

Comunicado de Metrorey tras el accidente. (Metrorrey)
Metrorey’s press release after the accident (Metrorey)

Emergency personnel from Civil Protection and the Red Cross immediately responded and tended to the victims. However, the elder Mauricio died en route to the hospital from a traumatic brain injury sustained in the fall.

Metrorrey confirmed the accounts and said both father and son received medical attention – the father at University Hospital and the son at IMSS Clinic 21.

“Today, Saturday, November 18, an adult person threw himself into the void, along with a minor, when they were at the Félix U. Gómez station on Line 3 of the Metro, according to information provided by witnesses,” Metrorrey said in a statement.

The precise circumstances leading to the tragedy remain unclear as authorities continue investigating. This heartbreaking incident has left a young boy without his father.