Octavio Ocaña’s father explodes over the photo of his son in the morgue

  • The actor’s angry father broke the silence
  • Octavio Ocaña’s father explodes over a photo of his son in the morgue
  • The chilling photo was allegedly spread on social media

Octavio Ocaña’s father explodes over a photo of his son in the morgue. Members of civil society called for a march this Sunday to demand justice for the actor who gave life to “Benito” in the series “Vecino”, Octavio Ocaña and who lost his life on October 30 in Cuautitlán Izcalli.

Victor Palma, a neighbor of the Ajusco neighborhood and one of the organizers, said that the reason for the mobilization is to denounce the police abuse that occurred in the case and in many more that occur in the country, as well as the impunity of crimes, of agreement with Reforma Agency.

Octavio Ocaña’s father breaks the silence for the photo of his son in the morgue

“They took a nude photo of him in the morgue and that is not having a mother, I’m mad *****,” said the father of the deceased actor, according to La Opinion. The above, in the march for justice for “Benito”, where he also revealed that he would take legal action after noting that a photo of his son was taken in the morgue.

“It is worrying because it is not only happening in the State of Mexico but in a large part of the Republic. That is why a call is made to pay tribute to Octavio, provide support to the family and that this story does not repeat itself ”, said one of the organizers of the march.

Octavio Ocaña’s father and family break the silence on the photo in the middle of the march

Octavio Ocaña's family breaks the silence in the middle of the march
PHOTO: Reforma Agency

The meeting point was at 10:00 am on the plateau of the Zócalo, where they will stay for about an hour and from there the contingent will leave for the Monument to the Revolution; The organizers asked the participants to come dressed in white, the family of Octavio Ocaña appeared with shirts with photographs of the actor.

The relatives sang “Las Mañanitas”, since this past Sunday, the actor would have turned 23 years old, according to La Opinion. On Instagram, the fiancee of “Benito”, Nerea Godínez spread images of the birthday party that he would have had. Octavio’s mother also broke the silence on the march.

“Benito’s” mother breaks the silence: “I don’t pay attention to bad things,” she says.

The mother of
PHOTO: Reforma Agency

“I don’t pay attention to bad things because he was a kid like everyone else. I pay attention to the pain of a mother. He is one more, a victim of bad people, who has no heart, who does not know what it is to lose a child, “said Ana Lucía Ocaña, mother of” Benito, “according to La Opinion.

A week after Octavio Ocaña lost his life, his family members and his lawyers met with Alejandro Gómez, head of the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico (FGJEM), to learn the details of the investigation, reports Agencia Reforma. The Prosecutor’s Office reported that it made the full content of the investigation available to those interested.

‘Finally’ they let them see the investigation and give good news after the death of the actor

'Finally' they let them see the investigation and give good news after the death of the actor
PHOTO Reform Agency

The investigation opened by the death of the 22-year-old actor, with all the opinions that were available until the moment of delivery and the physical evidence, so that it could be reviewed in the terms established by law, says Agencia Reforma. Likewise, the Prosecutor promised to receive all the evidence.

The foregoing, including expert opinions, that the family considers pertinent to contribute to the investigation folder and carry out the procedures that are requested. “It was announced that a breakdown of the investigation was made to the Special Prosecutor for Combating Corruption for the analysis of the actions of the police elements that took part in the aforementioned events,” said the FGJEM.

The official version of the death of “Benito” is ‘unworthy’ and the outrageous photo comes to light

'Indigna' the official version of the death of
PHOTO: Reform Agency

Ocaña died on Friday, October 29 in Atizapán de Zaragoza, after a police chase that ended when the actor crashed his truck on the side of the Chamapa-Lechería Highway. After the investigation, experts from the FGJEM concluded that the young man shot himself with a weapon.

This weapon was allegedly carried in the vehicle when he was pursued by elements of the Cuautitlán Izcalli Municipal Police. Subsequently, Octavio Pérez, the actor’s father, said that he would sue the state prosecutor’s office for irregularities in the case, causing a stir.

They filter alleged photo of Octavio Ocaña from the morgue

They filter alleged photo of Octavio Ocaña from the morgue

DID THEY FILTER THE IMAGE? The alleged image of Octavio Ocaña’s body from the morgue appears on social networks, which caused the outrage of users. In the comments of the image, several began to judge the Mexican authorities for having leaked the alleged photograph of the actor’s corpse from the morgue facilities.

The image has been around on social networks, since November 5 and its broadcast has not been canceled or removed. The person who shared the image did so in a comment to the journalist Carlos Jiménez who on several occasions has shared material about the persecution of the actor by municipal elements and who reported the death of Ocaña.

Strong images and outrage after the leak

They filter alleged photo of Octavio Ocaña from the morgue

On the actor’s 23rd birthday, the alleged image of the ‘Neighbors’ actor inside the morgue began to go viral on social networks. Although it is not known where the image came from, several have mentioned that the person who is exhibited in said bed is Octavio Ocaña; It was Terra México, who unveiled the photograph that hangs around on social networks and has generated outrage.

According to the media, it is suspected that the photograph that haunts social networks belongs to the body of the deceased actor and has been part of the material that was leaked from Ocaña in compromising situations, such as the controversial video of the young man consuming prohibited substances in company of his friends or the young man with a gun.

The supposed photo of Octavio Ocaña that was leaked on social networks (DISCRETION IS RECOMMENDED)

Octavio Ocaña strong images: How was the material obtained?
Photo: Twitter

Although they do not explain who obtained the alleged material of the young man in the morgue, the user did point out that ‘they should track’ where the photographs and videos of the actor were coming from in one of the comments he directed towards the journalist Carlos Jiménez, when he showed material of Ocaña hours before he died and of the people who accompanied him.

“Better track where the photos of the pack came from.”, Wrote the person who shared the alleged photograph of the actor’s body, on social networks. They did not take long to respond, pointing out that the image must have been filtered by elements of the municipal police, since the others did not have access to that type of information, much less, to such delicate material.

Octavio Ocaña strong images: “What lack of respect”

Octavio Ocaña strong images:
Photo: Twitter

The image was shared on November 5 and so far, it has been disseminated on different accounts on social networks. Although it is not known if it is actually Octavio, Internet users have taken the supposed image of Octavio’s body and mentioned his anger towards the Mexican authorities; one of the comments, stressed that the only way that the delicate material is exhibited on social networks is by the experts who were with the body. TO SEE IMAGE CLICK HERE

“That photo could not have been leaked without the authorization of the deputy director @SGSPLCastaneda is the one who gives the instructions and, if not, the lack of control of his experts who have leaked. What a lack of respect, for a few pesos what they do ”, mentioned one of the responses to the delicate material that haunts social networks.

Octavio Ocaña strong images: Does the family know the situation?

Octavio Ocaña strong images: Does the family know the situation?
Photo: Twitter

So far, no one has confirmed the identity of the person on the morgue gurney. Ocaña’s family responded to the videos that the municipal police allegedly leaked where the actor appears in ‘improper’ acts and that generated some controversy but also the support of society, because Internet users mentioned ‘that no one should judge him’ for those actions.

Regarding the image that was shared on social networks about the supposed corpse of Octavio Ocaña, the family has not made any statements about it and has maintained their position of seeking justice for the death of the young man. On the morning of this Sunday, family, friends and the general public attended the march in the center of Mexico City and Tabasco, for the death of the young man, who would have turned 23 years old. Filed Under: Octavio Ocaña’s Father Breaks the Silence.