Father of 3 girls dies and his 4-year-old daughter takes care of her little sisters for days

A girl only four years oldUnknowingly, she had to take care of two of her little sisters for more than three days after their father lost his life at his home in southern Germany.

The events occurred at the family home of Burghausen, in southern Germany, Everything indicates, for “natural causes”, according to information revealed by the local police.

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The 35-year-old father died during the early morning ofOn September 14, the three little girls were left without adult company. Thus his daughters of four, three and two years acted as if the father was asleep, so, without knowing it, the eldest, took care of his little sisters.

The innocent creatures remained like this until three days later, on September 17, an aunt found out what had happened, as reported by the RDN site.

The four-year-old girl reportedly gave her two sisters food and water. The three little angels now remain under the take care of their aunt, because it was not revealed if they have a mother.

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