Father Shakira underwent brain surgery in a Barcelona clinic

Shakira, Colombian singer.

Shakira, Colombian singer.

Photo: Frazer Harrison. /Getty Images

The Colombian women Shakira He is undoubtedly going through one of the worst moments of his life or at least publicly. It is no longer just the separation of the father from their children Milan and Sasha but also the health of his father, which would have the interpreter of “Ojos Así” on the ground. 90-year-old William Mebarak underwent brain surgery at a Barcelona clinic. This after some blood clots were found, after a heavy fall he suffered a few weeks ago.

Let us remember that, when the news of the separation between Shakira and the star of FC Barcelona, Gerard PiquéThe Colombian was seen getting into an ambulance outside her mansion. By this time, she told herself that she had suffered an anxiety attack herself. However, she herself posted on her social networks that his father William Mebarak suffered a fall and had to be taken immediately to a hospital. Now it was possible to know, thanks to La Mesa Caliente that Shakira’s dad underwent brain surgery.

Despite the complexity that it may entail an operation on the brainmuch more so at Mr. Mebarak’s advanced age, sources close to Shakira They assure that their father is stable and recovering at home. Just after falling, the singer herself had shared a moving video where she saw her helping her father to read as part of the therapies that she must undergo.

While all this is going on, the reporter from The fat and the skinny, Jordi Martin, was attacked by Gerard Piqué. The soccer player destroyed the correspondent’s cell phone by throwing it to the ground and hitting it with a door. Everything was recorded on video. The children he had with Shakira They were present.

Of course, the host of El Gordo y La Flaca, Raul de Molina, reacted to Gerard Piqué’s aggression: “… He can’t do things. He can’t take the phone from him and throw it on the ground because he’s in a bad mood with a person… There’s no police, but he’s in the video. They can put him in jail… Every day I like him worse…”.

Nevertheless, Lili Estefan said that it is partly understandable, since both Gerard Piqué What Shakira They are going through a tough time. Let us remember that several infidelities are being attributed to him. This without mentioning an alleged 22-year-old lover who, precisely according to the chain Univisionworks in one of his companies.

Meanwhile, although life is too hectic on a personal level to Shakira, his career and recent musical releases have rebounded in numbers in an incredible way. His dance challenge reality show that he does for NBC, “Dancing With Myself” It is one of the most watched in the United States today. In addition, his success with Rauw Alejandro “Te Felicito” has already exceeded millions of views. This without mentioning that the one I fear “Don’t You Worry” which he launched with the Black Eyed Peas and David Guetta also has millions in just over a week.

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