“Fattest man in the world” said they wanted to incinerate him on a trail when he died

The hospital that treated Paul Mason proposed on a form to cremate him on a trail.

Photo: Darren McCollester / Getty Images

The man once recognized as the “fattest in the world” who once tipped the scales at nearly 1,000 pounds, claimed that his UK hospital ward had planned to incinerate him on a trail if he died due to his enormous size.

Paul Mason, 61, detailed to the British newspaper Daily Mail, the idea presented by the medical institution where he stayed for three years in the ITV documentary “The fattest man in the world: 10 years later.”

Paul Mason and his girlfriend Rebecca Mountain in 2013 / Steve Meddle / Shutterstock
Paul Mason and his girlfriend Rebecca Mountain in 2013. / Steve Meddle / Shutterstock

“I thought it was disgusting. I couldn’t believe they were doing that, ”the Ipswich, England native revealed.

If I died in the hospital, they couldn’t deal with someone my size, so they presented me with a form where they proposed that if I died in the hospital, they would have to take me to a trail where large animals go and die. And they would incinerate me in the cremation of animals“.

Mason overdosed six months ago after being depressed from gaining weight during the pandemic and had to be rescued by paramedics who carried him out of his home on a stretcher because the elevator was not working.

Before that, Paul had been comforting himself with potato chips after several scheduled surgeries – two knee replacements, a new hip, and several hernia operations totaling more than $ 130,000 – were postponed by the confinement.

“I use (chips) to stay away because I have terrible pain from arthritis, and I have a doctor who will not give me any adequate pain relief,” said Mason, who currently resides in Plymouth.

It’s been a long road for Mason, who, at his lowest point, was eating 40 bars of chocolate a day, which had led to cavities.

During a medical emergency In 2002, first responders had to demolish part of the house in order to get Mason out with a forklift and transport him to the hospital in a five-ton ambulance built especially for the morbidly obese.

The situation had become so dire that in 2010, Mason had to undergo gastric bypass surgery, which shrunk her stomach to the size of an egg.

From there, things started to improve. Mason was contacted in 2013 by Rebecca Mountain, an American woman who had seen him on television, and subsequently moved to Massachusetts to be with his new lover.

Mason’s weight loss was doing wonders for his sex life.

“The physical side of our relationship is fabulous,” Rebecca said in 2013. “We have physical chemistry as strong as our emotional chemistry.”

The couple got engaged some time later and In May 2015, Mason underwent a series of operations in New York that reduced him to just 266 pounds (120.6 kilograms).

Unfortunately, soon after, Mason suffered a mental breakdown and returned to his old habits.

Over time, the Englishmen’s relapse got so bad that the couple decided to cancel the engagement in September 2015 and after the split, they gained as much as 420 pounds.

Mason even resorted to robbing supermarkets, fining him $ 50 during a US court appearance in 2018.

Determined to stop the effect, Mason returned to the UK in 2019 to “get his life back on track” and take advantage of the country’s free healthcare system.

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