Fear takes over La Casa de Los Famosos: Contestants share frightening experiences and can’t sleep

Madison was crying and the Materialista was praying; Pepe was looking for a clothes hanger to protect his roommates in the "Earth" room and minutes later Osmel Sousa was shouting from the bed... It was two o'clock in the morning and the inhabitants of that room could not sleep because of the frightening things that visited them in the dark...

La Casa de Los Famosos is approaching its final hours, and the coexistence, at times, is getting as funny as it is interesting. Fans of 24/7 have insisted that what is being seen in this daily space has lost fluidity. The dynamic has become monotonous: they sleep, concinnate, eat, exercise, clean, and prepare for the galas.

But last night, they started telling horror stories for some reason, and some have already said that they feel strange energies in some parts of La Casa de Los Famosos. After this, Arturo Carmona reflected alone with Aylín in the kitchen that sometimes talking about these things only attracts them.

Later we realized that “La Jefa” and the production were collaborating to scare the locals. Poor Madison Anderson was on the verge of collapse, crying, while Pepe Gamez decided to protect her roommates in the “Earth” room with a clothes hanger.

Those who follow 24/7 until the wee hours of the morning applaud the “Tierra” room and insist that it has always been funnier than the “Agua” room since Nicole Chavez and Rey Grupero were also sleeping here, who always brought laughter and laughter to the room.

La Materialista and Madison, on the other hand, said: “Jefa, turn on the light,” but no one paid attention to them, and the scares continued to get better and better. Even Osmel Sousa himself started shouting, making Pepe scared.

Gaméz made things worse by telling Yameiri: “The witch is following you.” And so, Madison did not stop screaming, while Aylín said she was no longer sleepy; Diego, Pepe, and Osmel laughed quietly. Everything got complicated when a woman was heard crying out of nowhere at night, saying: “Oh, my children.” This happened because of Raul Garcia, who asked “La Jefa” to make the “Llorona” sound to scare Dania Mendez, but the cry was heard even in the house, and the inhabitants ran to the bathroom. It was two o’clock in the morning, and they were still sleepless with fear.